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We should be getting a couple more Demos With Dave livestreams in the next couple of months, especially with the new Base-3 coming soon. What products will we see in these live videos? Here's my wishlist:

Of course, we need a Base-3 ultimate guide Demos With Dave livestream featuring the following:

-Cab-3 App full demo

-Base-3 System Utility how-to

-Demo on hooking up a TMCC Base/Cab-1 Remote to the Base-3

-LCS with Base-3

-Track Power (ZW-L, Legacy Powermaster, TPC300/400)

Here's my wishlist for locomotives and other stuff that I want to see demoed:

-ET44 Tier 4

-Hotbox Reefer

-C&O F19 Pacific

-Superbass GP9B

-H7 2-8-8-2

-UP FEF 4-8-4

-Vision Triplex

-NKP/PM/Polar Express Berkshire

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