OCSMR Club. Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders moved. Pictures to show our progress.

Roofing contractor installed downspouts.  Supposedly, the contractor will extend the discharge farther away from the building.

2017-11-11 0012017-11-11 002

The Track Laying Crew put their best end...er...effort in laying track on the upper level.

2017-11-11 003

Look I removed a screw.  The Wrecking Crew led by Ted had to modify the height of the bridge abutments.  Somehow, gremlins made them about and eighth of an inch too high (seems that dimension crops up a lot).  Had to do some demolition in removing the abutments and shortening them.  After that, all was well (except for the requisite commentary by the Wrecking Crew).

2017-11-11 004

2017-11-11 007

Ted makes the completes the  connection of track 3 to the bridge.  The other half of the crew, Tom, had to leave saying something about leaves calling him (don't know what that meant, guess something was blowing in the wind).

2017-11-11 006

Meanwhile, the rest of the trestle was being installed.  Had to repair some minor damage.

2017-11-11 005

After cleaning the track, test ran the Conrail SD-45.

2017-11-11 0102017-11-11 011

Views along the trestle.  The last section of the trestle was not installed.  It'll have to be modified to fit when the elevated section on the north side is installed.

2017-11-11 0082017-11-11 0092017-11-11 0122017-11-11 0132017-11-11 0142017-11-11 015

The second scenery panel is finished and will be installed soon.




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We use the rubber padding for the knees even though I really don't need them. They are there for the "older" crowd who has to inspect the "younger" crowd's work!

Yes, had to pull off the bridge abutment to cut an 1/8" off of them so the bridges align equally to the gargraves track heights. With doing that, I was given 4 new screws for each abutment. The senior track layout manager approved me to use 8 screws. As for the track laying, the 2 apprentices used a few more than he would have used so his inventory of screws is lessening now. Think he has about 6,895 screws to use now.

The wooden trestle were installed and look really good. These came from the previous layout. They cleaned up and re-sprayed with black paint. Will finish up the inside elevated line to the bridge this week and commence work laying tracks through the entire trestle.

The senior track layout engineer/manager will start cutting wood for the other side of the layout to start the elevation there.

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com


It seems you are working with a tough crowd there!!    I heard of rivet counters, but not track screw counters!    All in good fun, I know!  The group is doing an excellent job!  since we don't like the beach, you are giving us an excuse to visit the Jersey Shore someday!!

Rivets, screws what's the difference?  We count 'em.

Mark (and for any other forum member), you're welcome to stop by anytime.

You are welcome to stop by anytime and you even get a chance to inspect the "screwed more than many" layout. Bud is over using his weekly allotment. LOL!

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com

Only 1 track screw left? Thought the minimum to be left with stands at 100 so we can sell a 100 pack for $10 to recoup part of our investment on the 10,000 we initially bought.

Bud is using way too many screws. It shows in the layout as it will never come apart unless a bulldozer hits it!

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com

No work stoppage here as we will be there Saturday am installing the 4 line to the line but working back from the bridge and drop a small straight after the curves are installed.

Wonder who reminded me to do this? Think his name could be the senior nutty track professor/layout engineer. 

Yes, the 2 track apprentices "screwed up" last week laying track directly to the bridge. Ohhh.. are you going to cut that curve down to fit it in? Oh no you are not. Cut it in on a straight. Oh... I forgot. The SNTP/LE does a few things correctly! Lol!

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com

Line number 4 of the elevated lines was completed to the first bridge on Thursday. Next up is to solder all the rails on both elevated lines up the ramp to the bridge and lay straights all along the wooden trestle that Bud put into place.

We are making progress once again.

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com

Pic of track 4 to bridge.

2017-11-17 001

Tried DCS to see if the Passive TIU connection for tracks 1 and 2 works.  Initially had some problems.  Tried running my Red Arrow Electro Liner.  Even after charging, it didn't respond to either DCS or conventional.  Then tried a PRR ten wheeler that Dennis had with no response.  Since neither of these engines responded in even conventional, the batteries may not have been charged enough or need replacement.  Eventually tried Dennis' EDM diesel, and had success.  Track 1 and 2 worked well.  However, did not take any signal readings.  Used the cross-over to run on track 3 and had no problems.  Was a little concerned that the TIUs were not in Super TIU mode.  No problem.  Except, when the engine got up to the bridge and was stopped for a pic, it stalled.  Had to get out the ancient creaky crawler with the five-fingered crane to retrieve the engine.  Tried track 4 and had no problem.  From a DCS standpoint, looks like we're good to go on all tracks.  So we're able to run any type of train on our layout.

2017-11-17 002



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So it must be the track laying "apprentice turned to expert" crew work that there were no problems operating on tracks 3 and 4! Guess they know how to lay down the track and screw it into the ceiling tiles properly with the correct amount of allotted screws.

Started to solder some rails on 3 and 4 and fix a few solder joints that were not soldered right to my standards, they are neatly done! Stopped soldering and cleaned all the new track joints with the Drexel to be soldered next week.

We are making progress. Have to get the senior layout engineer his wood so he can start cutting it to make the ramp on the other side of the trestle.

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com

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