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  I relooked at all your posts and I need to once again say you have done some amazing work. Wow.

  Glad to know I could tap into the work of someone who is able to successfully channel his "Inner John Allen." Please keep these previously hidden talents handy when I need help with my next layout!

  Excellent work my friend. Very proud of you!


Recently a fellow OGR modeler requested a tutorial on how I made the guide rails (or guard rails).

It really is simple and I did not take pictures of the construction but here are some shots of a post I used for a starter.

This post was short because the part going into the foam was not factored in at this point.  I figured how high I wanted the post then cut all the rest longer as I needed.  The posts are 3/16 dia. wooden dowels and the holes for the cable (string) are 1/16 dia.


I painted the post white and then painted the yellow tops after the white was dry.  I used a stretchy necklace string for the cable.  This is the same string I used for the power lines on the poles.  I dirtied it up just a little with thinned black paint as I did not want it too shiny.
I laid out the posts to figure out how far apart I needed them and drilled holes into the foam... carefully by hand.  Foam will tear when drilling so this process is slow.
Before installing the posts I strung the two rows in all the posts.  This was a bit tedious as the thread & holes were a close fit.  I did not want the holes too big as they would not look correctly.  I set all the posts in the foam with yellow carpenters glue and when dry, I pulled the string so it was fairly straight and ran it into the "ground" at both ends.  That's it.


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During the early days of single prop fly over we see Utacolzona Railroad still working the mines.


This is a view standing on top of the "Lucky #7 Mine" where we can see down to Utacolzona,
not a quiet but a fairly peaceful town.  I hope the man loading the box onto the pick-up
does not trip over the old gentleman laying on the ground. (oops. )


Down at the end of the yard.



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@PRR8976 posted:

You deserve some sort of award for putting wires on your telegragh/telephone poles!


Thanks, Tom.  It is the stretchy necklace string that I colored & glued to the posts without stretching them.  Some look straight & some with a tiny bit of sag.

@MELGAR posted:

A terrific job of modeling a Western mining town and short-line railroad.


Thanks so much, Melgar.  I just put down what I remember seeing in life, but mostly on TV.  You know, those old cowboy shows from the 1950s.  Of course, the rocks were inspired by my 2018 trip to Utah, Colorado, Arizona & California with lots of pictures that I took.  Dave Meeks of ThunderMesaStudio of Youtube fame, gave a tutorial on coloring western rocks.  I learned a lot from that.  Of course, it took a LOT of layers of paints to get the correct colors and blend them.  That was probably the most difficult effort for me.  My son lives out west & said the colors were perfect.  That really made all my work worth it.  The track plan was a series of pencil scribbles, then laying track and making many, many revisions.

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