I was posting earlier about how to wire a siding and thought I'd finish my layout and show it in a video. To my surprise, I was getting power back fed thru the TIU channel some how? It ended up to be what I feared. The little metal tabs on the MTH Scaletrax came back to haunt me. I thought I had bent them clear but they were still making contact. Power ran thru the switches and fed the passing siding from the north side of the layout. I kept looking at it wrong, and wasn't fixing the problem. I finally pulled wires one at a time until the channel went dark to isolate where the issue was. 

I originally wanted this siding to switch off to park passenger trains on it with lighted cars. Now I'm thinking the rear track should have switched off as well? For as much as I run the 3 rail loops, I think it won't matter much. I have so many more 2 rail engines, that our grandson sometimes doesn't even run the 3 rail when he's here. I think I over plan more than necessary.

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

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