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Original Turquoise room Dinner Plate, with some Mimbreno pieces and Bleeding Blue and Mimbreno compotesIMG_3736[1]IMG_3724[1]IMG_3715[1]IMG_3727[1] . IMG_3808[1]IMG_3806[1]IMG_3724[1]IMG_3727[1]IMG_3789[1]IMG_3716[1]

Those are some beautiful pieces.  I don’t imagine you use them, but sure are nice. Thanks for showing them to us.  And of course to your point, match the turquoise room picture exactly.  TW 

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Drone view of 50s ATSF diesels.

I need to get some E6s. Are those Lionel pieces? 

Yes Lou, they are super detailed and lowered with fixed pilots.


I thought they might be. Eventually I'd like to pick up either some E6s or E8s and make a Chicagoan train set.

Santa Fe, All the Way

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