The tumble down, releasing trains on positioning cues, can be done a number of ways, a twist on old anti collision  and stop & go automation wiring, but as a brand it seems a convenient "stackable" automation choice.... if I recall right.

My thought right now is why a board... For mounting? or is not electrical you mean but a panel? 

You need to know the max switch volt/amp/watt rating. Mini's can be very light, especially if it is board mount as sensitive logic use is more common there. I guess it comes down to the number of led controlled by one switch. Led don't draw much alone but it can add up quick.

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Dave Zucal posted:

John C, do you get 2 or 4 signal towers for $16.99? The heading reads 2. Are you saying you get 2 sets of 2?

I can't do math Dave. What can I say. I got four of them total for $16.99. Two of them come in one of the plastic boxes. As I made that post yesterday I was distracted by people talking to me. So I confused everybody on multiple sites. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks John C., it may have been a shipping error or could be a description error. I placed an order for some yesterday. I'll let you know what I receive when they arrive. I like the thinner, more scale like, ladder on these more then the ones from wehonest. The cost is a little more but the shipping is free.

Dave Z

Give a look at the new WeHonest direct sale website.  He's got some good looking O-gauge signals at very good prices!  Here's a couple of samples

I have purchased the crossing signals in HO size and they seem perfect for my S gauge layout. You may want to check the size for O, just a suggestion.  I will mention the cross buck is aluminum color rather than white with black lettering but they look decent. These come with a board to make the LEDs light alternately, I tried running both signals off one board but then they flashed to rapidly, using one board per signal they work fine,


I have some WeHonest dwarf signals (from ebay a few years ago). They are nice and were well priced too! Unfortunately, they are still sitting under the layout in a box and not on top of it being used...

I may have to sample some of WeHonest's larger signals and also some of the ones listed here in this post. Price is right to be able to compare a couple of each. You can always find a spot for them somewhere (on top of the layout). 

So whether it's $4 per signal direct from wehonest or even double that on eBay, isn't the elephant in the corner the cost of the electronics to make the 3 LEDs "work"?   There's a camp that wants manual control using 3-position toggles (apparently about $4 for the control) and another camp that wants prototypical signaling with "daisy-chained" block detectors (cost all over the map depending on features). 

But my guess is the biggest camp is what's offered in off-the-shelf 3-aspect heads with timed-yellow-to-green behavior.  In this case the board shown earlier by GRJ seems like a capable no-soldering-required solution but comes in at about $12-$18 per signal head.  In other words several times the cost of the signal head itself! 

3 aspect led controller board

Just my opinion but isn't this where the focus should be?!  Has someone shown how to hook up this board for 3-rail using the isolated-rail method?  I see this board takes AC or DC voltage but, again, has someone confirm the "grounding" of the commons works when using Accessory AC from an O-gauge train transformer?  Etc.

I can imagine cobbling together some eBay relay modules and timer modules to perform the timed-yellow-green behavior using an insulated outer rail trigger.  I'm guessing less than $5 per signal head.  Not sure if there's any interest in this or if I'm completely missing the boat on what guys are after. 


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I agree with your thinking 100%. 

BUT, I'm thinking of all the guys using Arduino controllers that sense block occupancy using insulated rail.  There too you'd think you could "just" hook up the insulated rail trigger to the Arduino input...ground/common being logic 0 and all.  But every Arduino interface I've seen uses an optical isolator or similar to protect the "sensitive" digital electronics from the nastiness of O-gauge track power - TVS suppressors being a case in point.

Someone say PCB? Ok, now I'm hooked... Actually, I was thinking the same thing while reading these last few posts. Stan got me to thinking about the signal control board, as in the one referenced earlier and in Stan's pictures above. The possibility of something like that sounded interesting as do so many things around here. 

Dave Zucal posted:

Well John C. you lucked out getting 4 for 16. Mine came in and I only received 2.

I looked on Ebay again and it is VERY CONFUSING as to how many you get.  It states: "TWO PIECES."  I assumed 2 signals.  When mine came I had four signals in two boxes.  Later, someone commnted something similar tou your and I went bad and looked on Ebay.  It is confusing and depending on your interpretation of "TWO PIECES" it could mean either.  I'm glad I got four.  I ve got 16 more to order.  Hopefully, I'll get lucky.

  The ad may have been edited for clairity after an inventory check.

   Lets just hope some poor packing employee didn't loose a job over an ad or order executives poor wording. Mistakes happen at all levels, but the folks up top seldom pay the same fines in my experiences as it can be easier in multiple ways for the more competitive personality to pass that blame on.

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