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If all the commons are tied together and you have a multi-output short, then the common wiring connecting all the commons within the TIU would need to be able to handle the combined current without overheating and starting a fire.

The place where this can happen on the layout is on the common buss bar that connects all the blocks. My common buss bar could easily handle 40 amps, so this isn't a problem.

However, the internals of the TIU might not be able to handle this.

Maybe... I am not an electrical engineer and I'm just guessing.

My layout is basically divided in 2 parts using the right and left throttles of my Z-4000 with 2 insulated loops. I've had this setup since DCS first came out with no problems. I alway match both thottles to the same voltage before running
my trains. I feel that between my Rev L TIU fuses, and my Z-4000 breakers I'm protected pretty well.
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