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Can someone please enlighten me as to what this particular version of the Rail King line is???

I have seen it listed on the Cabin Fever Auction site a few times now, and in PS3 version, and it has sold for a relatively cheaper price than anything else PS3 wise.

Just asking????

Peter......Buco Australia.

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Pete - Initially MTH Raiking starter set locos and O27 Passenger Cars were marketed as Railking, and later, demoted to the Rugged Rails line. I have Rugged Rails locos, and as far as set locos go, I see no difference from entry level Railking. For the passenger cars, I have none, so cannot say if they were also cheapened by decontenting them. The gonds, boxcars, covered hoppers were all shrunk to compete with Ind. Rail, Lionel, and K-Line O27 offerings.

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