S Gauge Survey Final Version

As promised the following is the formal survey that I hope Lionel and others will look at when they consider their 2018 plans. The rules are simple. There are 3 categories:

1) Rolling Stock (Freight/Passenger)

2) Engines

3) Accessories/Track

A word about the list. I had promised that I would limit the choices to the top 4 in each of the above 3 categories. Both Rolling Stock and Engines had ties that caused their list to go beyond 4 choices. Since I did not want to decide the tie breaker or go back to the group I expanded the list by 1 for Rolling Stock and 2 for Engines.

Directions: You are to only vote for ONE item in each category. That is, one Rolling Stock, one Engine and one Accessory. If you vote for more than one, only your first vote will count. I encourage those of you who belong to clubs to share this with your club members and give me your totals either here or email/Private message them to me. The following items are listed in alphabetical order (Numbers first then letters).

Rolling Stock (Freight/Passenger Cars)

  1. 66’ Center Beam Car
  2. 50’ Boxcars
  3. 89’ Autoracks
  4. Detailed interior Scale Passenger Cars with LED lights
  5. Modern Tank Cars



  1. GE 44 Tonner
  2. Legacy Berkshire
  3. Legacy J3a Hudson
  4. SD40-2
  5. Southern Pacific Daylight GS4
  6. Thomas the Tank Engine



  1. 30+ inch Radius Fastrack Curves
  2. Accessories with Sounds
  3. Curved Turnouts
  4. RR Crossing Fastrack


Have fun voting.


Original Post

My picks

Rolling stock, #1  66' center beam   (american models already has passenger cars with detailed interior)

Engines, #5 SP Daylight GS4

Accessories/Track, #2 Accessories with sound  (might have voted for one of the track options, but MTH/SHS track is just so much better. FasTrack in both O and S is just too noisy.)

I have added this survey to the American Flyer Facebook page.

The following are the results as of May 21st 2017

Rolling Stock (Freight/Passenger Cars) 
1.     66’ Center Beam Car28.57%
2.     50’ Boxcars14.29%
3.     89’ Autoracks28.57%
4.     Detailed interior Scale Passenger Cars with LED lights19.05%
5.     Modern Tank Cars9.52%


1.     GE 44 Tonner18.18%
2.     Legacy Berkshire0.00%
3.     Legacy J3a Hudson13.64%
4.     SD40-240.91%
5.     Southern Pacific Daylight GS418.18%
6.     Thomas the Tank Engine9.09%


1.     30+ inch Radius Fastrack Curves47.62%
2.     Accessories with Sounds28.57%
3.     Curved Turnouts9.52%
4.     RR Crossing Fastrack14.29%


Some interesting patterns are emerging.  In The Rolling Stock Passenger category it appears pretty spread out with the Center beam and 89' Autoracks taking the lead.  As for engines it not that close with a clear desire for an SD40-2 with the GS4 and the 44 Toner in second place.  As for the accessories the 30+ radius curve tracks have a large lead followed by the Accessories with sounds.  Surprising is that no one has voted for the Legacy Berkshire.



Carl Tuveson posted:

What happened to my Legacy 0-8-0?

Sorry Carl but it did not get enough votes to make the top grouping.  The problem with AF Flyer is that people want so many different things that it makes it difficult for a vendor to invest in tooling that will please everyone.  By limiting to the top choices it shows a higher percentage of interest as opposed to having 20 or 30 items listed that getting 10% of the votes would make it the leader.  As a vendor I would not invest in tooling for something that showed a 10% interest but would invest in something that showed a 40 to 50% interest.



In future polls, we should revisit the 0-8-0. More specifically, the U.S.R.A. 0-8-0. It was what the old Gilbert 0-8-0 was modeled after.

It could be offered in so many road names, as the lost U.S.R.A. 4-6-2, and 2-8-2 tooling could have been. 

Lionel could either offer it as a freshened A. C. Gilbert variant, as the current Northern is. But if they tool up for something on the level the 2-8-2, and 4-6-2 were, it would appeal to a broader audience. With full details and Legacy, or cheapened detailing with FlyerCheif. It would be nice if the detailing were modular, so they could offer an upgrade package in their parts department in case a FlyerCheif model came out in your favorite roadname you could still get the full level of detailing Lionel is capable of. Most likely this package would be valve-gear, and other small parts.

richabr posted:

18 replies to this forum. Not exactly a mandate in the overall S gauge hobby.



Rocco has also is collected data from the American Flyer Facebook page.  However, the percentages do not indicate the number of respondents, which is also important when running a survey.

I've stayed out of this because I figure the 2018 Flyer catalog is probably pretty much already determined.  If not written in stone, at least in hard clay. 

Plus, I've backed off buying Flyer and Hirail to concentrate on Scale.  I don't anticipate Flyer will have anything I'd be particularly interested in for the near future.  From what little I've seen of the woodside reefer, it looks to be a lower-res copy of the SHS/MTH reefer (for 5 bucks more MSRP than MTH...,) of which I have plenty of already.

If something good comes from this survey, great.  Hopefully there will be something for the Flyer folks to enjoy, but I don't anticipate anything Earth-shattering in the 2018 Flyer catalog.


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