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Hey guys,

Here is another attempt at a movie on a remote part of the layout. This is actually were the layout originally ended but I had some water pipes moved and this opened up this track to become the  "main line" in and out of the terminal (on the opposite side of the room anyway). This makes for some fun operations as the EL exchanges cars with the LV, CNJ, and Reading. I have the CNJ and Reading trains access the LV this way and LV through the primary route on the other side of the room. I still need to pull together a track plan for all of this to make sense and will post something this spring when I can get enough time to create it electronically. 

Does anyone have any advice on how I can capture audio from some of the video's I see on Youtube? There is some great railroad footage online and it would be cool to synch the audio with the video I am trying to create. If I could extract the audio to simple wav files I could easily match them to the videos.



PS- the CNJ cab is the only one I have converted to 2R at the moment. So EL purists hold on as I try to get one converted and weathered this weekend.

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