I talked to Eric Moe this evening to get an idea how the G Scale units are made and what power truck he uses. Most everything is 3D printed so they are plastic. Truck frames are also 3D printed and the flywheel is functional. I told him I was thinking about converting to Std Gauge. He did not see it as an easy task because of his truck design, but he likes the idea. He will do a study to see if he can make wider truck frames keeping the scale staggered design. They are 1/32 scale, but the truck width and pilot height would most likely have to be altered for our purpose. He understand they would need a rectifier or? and 3rd rail pick up. He hopes to get back to me in the 1st quarter of 2020 with his input.

If you have any interest, send him an email so he will know there is a bit of interest.




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I emailed him.  Not sure what this is.  But I gave him my input from my g to STD conversions.

If he uses the same as USA or aristo.  It can be done.

Of coarse I also have done Lionel large scale to STD. 

I don't think lgb splits the axles. I think they insulate with the wheels.




SGMA1 posted:

You lost me at "plastic"...

(BTW, the current owner of the RichArt tooling is considering another run of McKeen cars.)




Who is the current owner of the RichArt tooling?  Before he passed, Dick told me to whom he was selling his parts and molds but like many things I have forgotten who he said it was.

Bob Nelson

Actually Joe Mania has the Richart tooling now - I've discussed this with him recently, he says he is thinking about a run, but not in the near future.

I picked up a couple of shells from Bob Thon and will be attempting to do a correct roof and details on the power car/trailer (will have them at SGMA breakfast in their current state). Some of you guys remember the ones that Serg Sanchez and Bob Thon ran at Syracuse in 2010. These are the same bodies. And they are metal. We'll see how it goes, I might try and do a run. Photo from Jim Kelly's Tinplate site - hope you are OK with me reposting.


Jim Waterman



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