Hmmm-mmm.....Just looking at Vol 1 of 2012 MTH catalog. Still no USA steam. Why? Odd-d
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This was discussed in length when the catalog came out at York. Seems it was a move to "catch up" on previously cataloged items.



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Rumor has it, it's due to change in manufacturing facilities. As stated by Scott Mann on the other sub forum the entire industry is having the same production issues.

I welcome the respite, gives me time to replenish the funds. Wink
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I thought the rumor was one or more of the machines that made the die cast parts broke Confused


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Don't you love the rumor mill? It never breaks down. I was told they are way behind on their current orders and are waiting to catch up

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OK, for those that missed it:
My dealer told me he talked to MTH, they told him the factory in Korea closed without notice.
Mike went to Korea 3 times getting HIS molds released to another factory.
And yes, Imperial Railking Steamers are expected in the late spring, Premier Steam later in the year.

Bright Side effect of the delay?
All new steamers will be PS3 with wireless tethers !!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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MTH... No new U.S steam
Lionel New steam but you have to do a reverse mortgage to be able to buy one.
I betcha Bachmann sent Jerry Williams a thank you card.
talk about great timing. If they have any brains they;ll get that Mike on the market and quick.

I guess MTH can be like Atlas .....Great place to go if you want a Diesel but if you want steam .....Keep walkin.

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The horror!!!!

Hey Gary, it's "respite". Smile

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Oh. I'm sorry. I had no idea.
Stopped at the LHS shop today and they word they hear is catch-up... Or was that ketchup, darn, now I'm not sure.

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My god people, the steam will be here when they are released!!!!!! MTH has said middle of 2012 for RK steam and last qtr. for some premier!!!! What do you want them to do? The next catalog due in April will have no steam also, so no crying when it does come out. But I am betting there will be plenty of angst over no steam!!!!

hello guys and gals.......
if you cannot wait then go buy NOS engines and cars as that what i did i wanted the #30-1562-1 railking santa fe 4-8-4 which i pre-order it back in Nov 2010 (listed in 2011 vol.1 catalog) so in April 2011, i gave up on it then purchased new in box #30-1418-1 railking challenger(2006)instead NO regrets !!!!. There is plenty of NOS engines and cars out there.
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