Sunday Scenic Showcase March 24, 2019

Wow Alan, those are great. They huge too. That must of been one heck of a layout to fit those on. I’m confused on why the shipping containers are on the top beam? Don’t they have control rooms up there? 

Here is what I worked on Friday night. Some cone tanks to install under the Hooker Chemical plant building. These are going to be 3D printed today. 

These are 2.75" tall.  3hrs & 11 min. to print .

Here is the tank by itself



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Beautiful work by all

Finishing up on replicas of the Suncoast 200 Ton Coal Tower. One is a customized kit bash while the other is scratched built. I will post a separate thread once I have completed the structures. From what I understand this kit is not offered anymore???????????

I just found a major issue with the kit - If it is placed over track on top of roadbed at 5 inches it is not high enough to allow Steamers to pass through! I am going to have to cut off the bottom and somehow make the legs longer - ~ 6 inches or more. My guess is that it was not designed to sit over track but to have track pass on both sides?????????????


200 Ton Coal Tower [1)

Hopefully came up with a good looking solution. The original problem is shown below. The smoke stack misses by about 1/4 inch

Coal Tower 001

The redesign is next to the kit design. I think it looks cleaner.

200 Ton Coaling Tower 001

200 Ton Coaling Tower 002

The locomotive now has no issues passing underneath

200 Ton Coaling Tower 003

I am going to need to build a suitable base for the elevator now.

Joe Fauty


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I finished my beverage distributor. This is  a Downtown Deco Rainbow beverages kit that I updated.  I made the rollup doors from evergreen and shortened Korber door rolls.  The Bud sign is an N scale Miller billboard. 



"Of course we know its O-gauge or no gauge." -- Sheldon Cooper


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Nice work this week guys.  I like your tanks Al.

here is a theater I have been working on.  Some more detains to go but mostly done.


No ticket booth?  That can't be financially beneficial.

Beautiful architecture and great workmanship.

It is in the lobby, but I used opaque vs clear glass for the door so you don’t see in side.

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