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Well after all our eyes being assaulted recently with gorgeous models and accesories , after quite a buying holiday( well for me anyway) I have but one new aquisition to show the world

I present a humble and plain Pioner Expressen tender !

( to find a locomotive! )

( oh and I have been a little quiet in all my activities due to being an Old Fart living alone who spectacularly* .. *read stupidly...broke his foot a week ago and has been down to doing the bare minimum to support life lol )

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I would be interested in seeing an original prewar motor, I have a three unit plm but no motor came with it. I have

been told that all three unit Bugatti Autorails were prewar. The frames on all three units are identical so technically the motor

could mount in any of them. It would depend on the reverse lever. Other units I have have some of the side windows punched

out, thus allowing access to the lever. The 3 unit set has no side windows punched out so I am not sure where access to the

lever would be.


Hey Fatman:  Sorry to hear about your foot......who (or what) were you kicking to do that sort of damage????

I know I've been that mad at times with electrical gremlins in my layout I just wanted to kick the whole thing out of the garage!!!

Anyway, with the whole state of Victoria now in "lock-down"...... you can't go anywhere can you???

Take it easy and just "kick back"......pardon the pun!!

Peter.....Buco Australia

Thanks for the good wishes Guys   Sadly its probably LESS time on the hunt as I use a laptop on a stand for most of my computing these days , which necessitates me sitting on the couch with feet down lol ... I am sure I can rig it better for "flat out " browsing lol ... but yeah the last few weeks its been foot up unless it has to be down ...

Stupid story how it happened ( and those are the best kind I guess?)

Warning long story .. TLDR ... doing ok!

My house is built on 2 levels where one part of the house is about 8 inches higher than the rest , coming out of my lounge into the dining and entry area I have a huge slate hearth which the wood heater is on and this Hearth also doubles as the step down into the ground level parts of the house ... As I am sure I have mentioned , my main partner in crime these days is Tuco the Moustache Parrot , and she has a smaller cage for travel and getting sun outside with me on nice days ... This cage lives along the wall of the step down off the hearth, its not in the way because there is a bifold door to the lounge which when open ( as it pretty much always is ) blocks off that area of the step down ... it has been like that for years without the slightest problem .

However one Sunday night ( 2 sundays ago) I was doing my nightly routine of cleaning Tucos paper and getting her fresh water for the next day , when I scooted out the lounge door ( barefoot as I mainly am) and for the first time ever I mis-stepped and my little and next in toe went straight into the bars of that cage , I was commited by momentum to take the next step and my foot DIDN'T come clear .. hence in mid stride I was heading forward into an 8" drop with my right leg having nothing but air underneath it , and my left foot into the cage .. this surprisingly did NOT end well and I ended up slamming that left knee into the ground, then half commando-rolling at which point me next in toe flicked free , but my little one refused to play ball ... So while I am laying on the ground feeling mainly embarrasment and my knee pain .. it dawns on me my toes are "burning" and I cautiously had a bit of a feel and it wasnt good lol! ... my fingers came back covered in blood .. OK this is unexpected thinks I ... goes in for another feel and there is a complete seperation of my little toe under my foot .. yep I can feel all sorts of things in there that normally you dont LOL!

Looking at it , it was obviously displaced , so we better fix that ...( I am a level 4 MICA trained First Responder... about as good as you can be and just under Ambulance level here in Australia) Luckily it just popped back ok , but still bleeding , so sterilised ( rubbing alcohol ) and packed the gash ...bleeding controlled .

I live very rurally so I thought it best to phone the local hospital ( about 30 miles away) and tell them I was on my way , at which point they told me better go to Bendigo ... a lot further away ... I didnt really trust myself to drive that far , and it wasnt worthy of an Ambulance as it would tie up a crew for half a shift where they could be doing vital work elsewhere , so I opted to just go to my Doctor in the morning ( still 30 miles away lol )

I was expecting stitches as the wound is the full length of the first toe join to the foot pad  , but he was really happy with the way I had packed and managed it and the tendons were still attached so we decided natural healing was an option , but lets get a precautionary X-ray ... well it took 5 days to get one !

The joy of living in the Bush !

X-ray comes back and it turns out I had a complete transverse break on the first bone( in two pieces top and bottom halves) and a fracture on the second , but both were beautifully in place ... so no surgery required , just careful management and splinting ... Dressing changes etc are handled by a local nurse so thats good .. but obviously some nerve damage as while it is painful , its nowhere near the level it should be ... but the toes is still there and healing well so far

As my Doc says " You breed em tough in the bush Don'tcha ! "

@Arne  Fantastic pick up my friend!

@beardog49  get back to you in a bit ( I have rabbited on too much lol ) but they are common Hornby in the UK and out here but you might get a good price over there for them ...

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The LMS 2270 loco is from 1947-54 (postwar model 101) and is not fantastic condition cosmetically

The LMS 501 "longsplasher" is also post war of the same period .


What you have going for you is they both appear complete with siderods and control knobs etc and thats a good selling point as many are not , however you seem to be missing the droplink element of the front couplers on both , no biggie... as to value , we are not talking huge numbers as they are pretty common

Importantly to note the 2270 numbering was also used on the pre-war version and that loco commands premium pricing compared to its later sibling you have ( identified by single bar drive rods , no connecting rod between wheels like the later ones)

Value ? at the moment there is a 2270 on ebay for £29 buy it now ( which is a bargain I think lol ) realistically you could list each at say 75-100 USD and see if the market there will stand that ?

There are lots listed at silly numbers £100+ but they arent selling and are not in better condition than yours.

A boxed example with inspector tags is listed at £250 which is "dreaming" money lol ( it is markedly played with and does have cosmetic issues )

Who knows if you get a couple USA peeps interested you might make good ?


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  • Hornby_Trains_postwar_identification_chart_(1956)
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Glad to hear it runs.   If possible, I would love to see a video clip of that!   I would never have believed that a train of that age, including the box, could look that good.

Fatman,  so very sorry about your injury.   My father was a doctor, who practiced for 60 years, starting back in the day when people in the neighborhood, would show up at the door with horrific wounds, wanting to be sewn up in his office in our basement.   He did it all.

As a result, all of us kids were required to have our shoes on and tied, from the moment we woke up, till the moment we got in bed, or else we got beaten.  (Yep, standard punishment in those days.)  He said that 90% of all of the terrible foot wounds and nail punctures he treated were because someone didn't have their shoes on.   I keep them on to this day!

Oh well, . . . he bought me a Super-O set when I was ten.  And, I've never cut my foot or stubbed a toe.    :-)


beardog49:  For your comparison, below is my 2270 LMS tank engine by Hornby.  It is complete with all valve gear, control knobs, and no zinc pest but it is obviously well used and scratched.   It cost $14 for the engine, but then shipping (outrageous) from the UK plus tax drove the price up to $46 delivered in early 2020.  Not sure if it was a bargain or not as there is little comparison here in the states.  Anyway just FYI.

aHornby M3 side



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  • Hornby M3 side

I started to list the 2270 and the 5600 on epay today. I started with the 2270, wound it up and checked that everything worked. Then I moved to the 5600, when I started to wind it up I realized there was no spring or control knobs. Geez, I handled it all day yesterday and never noticed this. Another part of my retirement fund down the drain. I also took another small loco of the shelf to take pictures of for this post, guess what, no spring. So I went into the train room and took down an 8324 that I was planning on keeping. Runs fine, but no valve gear. I had to think back to when I bought them. Up until about 2015 I went thru a four or five year period of homelessness, living in my car, couch surfing. After that my social security started and a small pension and life became comfortable.

Any way, my point is when I was buying these things I still did not think I had any money so I bought what I thought I could afford. Add to this that I was incredibly naive about anything but Marx at the beginning. Hence the defects.

I have lots of parts locos anyway.

Best, John


  • Well tinplate fans, I have a "fun" item for you today.  Ever since I read the multi-volume treatment of "British Toy Trains" by Michael Foster, I have been interested in the makes that he illustrated.  These were mostly toys from manufacturers that were well below the price point of a Basset Lowke or Hornby but therefore so much more affordable by many more families.  These toys provided wonderful play value to many children.  In the US, this position was usually filled by Marx, who's products were often well below the price point of a Lionel or American Flyer item yet provided great play value.
  • Well I finally found one of these little locomotives (I do have some Mettoy cars) and it represents the streamlined locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley (according to Foster) and although they came in several liveries, up until 1940 they all carried the number 2509.  They were of two basic varieties a 2-4-0 and a smaller (I expect less expensive) engine with the same motor but an 0-4-0
  • My engine is the "Silver Streak" #2509 one of the 0-4-0 's from 1936-37 and it came in a set with a matching silver and black tender and two silver and black coaches (alas I do not have those but who knows what the future will bring).  The engine is clockwork and mine still works and came with the key !!
  • Here is the Wells-Brimtoy "Silver Streak" loco :
  • Note the silver / black treatment for the entire loco, and the winding stem protruding from this side.  This side also has the printing..."Made in England" which the other side does not.
  • Brimtoy SS 1
  • Here is the streamlined boiler front of the loco prominently showing the "Wells O' London" trademark
  • Brimtoy SS 2
  • Here is the other side and a view of the boiler top.
  • Brimtoy SS 3

This guy is small, the entire engine is but 6 1/4" long .  OBTW if you have the reference, the #  2509 Silver Streak set is pictured in Foster's Book, Volume 3, pg 168. As you can see, my example has been well played with , but I enjoy that actually by thinking of the young person who most likely greatly enjoyed running his streamlined train, probably on the floor of his home.

Have a great week



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  • Brimtoy SS 1
  • Brimtoy SS 2
  • Brimtoy SS 3
@beardog49 posted:

Geez, steve, what is your epay Id, I want your leftovers.

It appears you are in socal so hopefully not affected by fires or smoke


Yes, So Cal. Luckily other than smoke we have been safe from fires this time.  Last year we were packed and ready to leave, but luckily were not evacuated. I am gig1949 on Ebay, but don't sell there a lot, although I seriously need to thin the herd a lot more. I'm getting ready for a meet this weekend.


Hi Tinplate fans, I thought I would present my progress (slight) on a hunt for a late French Hornby set that Daniel (Frenchtrains) told me about in an earlier post.  On 8/8 I had posted pictures of my new (to me) "SNCF Wagon Tombereau Baches "Saint Freres " . In asking about a suitable vintage engine Daniel pointed out to me that my car had a yellow frame and was thus in the color scheme of the last of the cars that were offered.  He then showed me a boxed set containing this car. Please note that this picture is copied from Daniel's post.

Hornby Set [Daniel's)

Given that I had just obtained the yellow framed, covered wagon, I am now on a search for the remaining elements of the set.  This week I received (also from Australia which Fatman pointed out is a good source of Hornby ) the SNCF STEF refrigerator car for the set.  It is pictured below.  By the way, like the prior shipment from Australia, this shipment also arrived in perfect shape, the car appears brand new.  Of course besides the Mecanno label, it also proudly displays the "made in France" loco on the end plate.

Hornby STEF Refr side viewHorby STEF refr front quarter viewHornby STEF Refr end view

Now all I need is that BB loco...the search goes on !! I do have one question however, perhaps if Daniel reads this he can help. What does "STEF" stand for?  Is it a commercial firm or a standard marker ?  Regardless I am really pleased with this little fellow and he joins my tiny but growing collection of Hornby and French Hornby tinplate.

Best Regards to all



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  • Hornby Set (Daniel's)
  • Hornby STEF Refr side view
  • Horby STEF refr front quarter view
  • Hornby STEF Refr end view

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