I am interested in acquiring the TMCC booster kit.  Please let me know the details concerning said purchase.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  And much thanks for being an outstanding resource for many of us who gain new insight after reading the OGR Forum.   



Hi...I know it has been a while since this topic was discussed, but, I need some help. 

When I first received John's Track Signal booster, I discovered I had an issue with my Legacy base not giving enough power (other people had this issue.)  I the legacy base back to Lionel and just got the base back which is now repaired.  

I am still getting a red light on the track signal booster.  I decided to disconnect everything and see if there a cross signal somewhere.  I did get a green light when everything was disconnected from the beginning, but notice that my DZ 2001 Data Wire Driver's red light started to glow brighter with each DZ 2500 switch machine I add to the daisy chain via the Data wire. 

I should also mention that have the driver connected to Dale's "Serial Booster", otherwise the data driver does not get enough juice from the Legacy base. 

Now, when I unplug John's track signal booster, the red light on the data driver goes out and only lights when a command is given...which is the way I think it is supposed to "behave".   

I am starting to get frustrated and am wondering if the track signal booster was a wise purchase for my layout or not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I anyone reading this thread wants one of these TM Buffers, I have a brand new one Available..My Layout does not require it. See my email in my profile. It’s a great help on larger layouts.  

Greg, the amplitude adjustment mod may be of help here.  It allows adjustment of the gain from around 3:1 stock to around 1:1 at the low end.  This still keeps the low impedance drive but cuts the amplitude of the signal to about what the command base outputs. 

DM TMCC Buffer Gain Adjustment Modification.pdf

This may solve the issues you're seeing.  Jon Z. noted that the LCS Sensor tracks have a problem if they get too much signal, could be the DZ switch machines have the same issue.


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leapinlarry posted:

I anyone reading this thread wants one of these TM Buffers, I have a brand new one Available..My Layout does not require it. See my email in my profile. It’s a great help on larger layouts.  

I was generally ok without it, but I like keeping an eye on my Legacy Base with the green LED.

Hey GRJ,

I noticed in the mod instructions you say to remove the R5 from the board and connect the pot/resistor combo to "R2". Is that what you meant to write?

The DM TMCC Buffer Gain Adjustment Mod. works good on  the LCS Sensor Tracks. I found the sweet spot with the knob half way up on the buffer.The sensor tracks work well. At the same time there are no signal problems on the layout. It is a beautiful thing.

Great, that's what we like to hear.   I thought that might address the remaining issues with too strong a signal.

Another happy owner chiming in.  I spent a little longer than Jack assembling my kit but it went extremely smoothly and worked as it should first try.  With highball signals of green and blue there was no more need for a ground plain I had previously hooked up to catenary.  I dare not comment on readings lest my novice grade talents show.  More importantly, the kit was a joy to assemble, a marked improvement on my 300 ft. layout and was worth ten times the price for anyone serious about flawless CC operation.  Best money I ever spent on the pike.  Thanks Dale and John.


John, A question regarding the signal with the booster now hooked up l am hearing static from the speakers in my Flyer Chief locomotives. Might this be the result of to much signal on the rails?


That isn't something that anyone has reported, but anything's possible.   You might consider the amplitude adjustment mod, that allows you to dial back the amplitude of the track signal while keeping the low impedance drive that helps drive high capacitance.

It's a pretty simple install, I can send you the parts for a self-install, or you can ship the buffer back to me for it to be installed.  The mod allows a gain adjustment from around 1.1:1 to the stock 3:1 amplitude.

Here's the mod in pictures.



Images (4)

Ray, the only Flyerchief engine I have left is the UP GP7. It is silent except for the built in sounds with the Buffer connected to the layout.

John, would you be willing to do the gain control mod on mine? It would be good to have the sensor tracks working again.

John,   I would prefer to send to you for the mods. Would you please email me your mailing address?

Thank you

Tom, I get the static sound on both of my Berks, may be more pronounced because of the ERR Fat Boy speakers.  I put my GP7 on and can hear static in the back round, harder to pick out because of the diesel sound.  If I would not have gotten these hearing aids I, likely,  would not have heard it.


need assistance

buffer installed got the green light however sensor tracks did not operate. installed the mods to get sensor tracks to work, now NO green light only red and no  signal to track. (legacy will not fire up)

any ideas

checked wiring and value of parts.   2K pot     1K resistor



Sounds like the pot/resistor combo isn't properly connected to the spot for R5 on the PCB.  Send me a picture of the connections.

It all looks right, but obviously something happened.  I have to assume something else was compromised.  I suggest you sent it back to me and I'll figure it out.

Hey John; kinda late to the party on this, but if you have any extra or unsold kits around, I would sure take one please. We are wintering in Arizona until March, so pretty easy shipping. Please let me know, email in my profile.

Thanks, Rod

Hi John; kit received yesterday thanks, all good!

I was poking around looking for the assembly/operation notes file, with no luck. Can you point me in the right direction please?

Thanks, Rod

Hey thanks John! I knew the answer should be pretty straightforward.  Very nicely laid out instruction BTW, complete with great illustrative photos. Good job. With any luck at all even an old guy like me might be able to fumble my way through it. Looking forward to getting started!

Cheers, Rod

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Rod, I would have sworn you asked for this before, but here it is again.   This is common for the SMT or thru-hole versions, they have the same component numbers throughout.

TMCC Buffer Rev 1.1 [SMT Schematic)


Images (1)

Great thanks John. I am sure you are correct, I did ask before, but just wanted to make sure I have the most up to date version. 


No I didn't buy a buffer john, I no longer can function well enough to operate the layout very well. Dale did me several favors and taught me a lot so I wanted to send a contribution to ACS along with yours. You have done a great service for OGR Members and I commend you for the hard work and time required. I will send you a check as soon as I have your Zip to go along with the address mentioned above.


Dewey, just send it direct to ACS, no need for a middleman.  Once I have sold the remaining couple of buffers, I'll be doing the same.

John, the home layout is showing a need for a booster, how much for the kit?


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