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*** If you're interested in obtaining one or more of the TMCC Buffers, NOW is the time to act.  In a couple of days, the reservations will be closed and production will proceed with the quantity reserved.  There won't be any second chances at a production box. ***

Another important point.  Your reservation isn't confirmed until you have submitted the initial order deposit.  Just saying you want one isn't sufficient as the parts are quite expensive for the complete build.  I can't front all the parts costs and and then take the risk that a bunch of people changed their minds.


The PCB layout and documentation for construction of the TMCC Buffer will be available in the future. I'll be posting the PCB files, final schematic, BOM, and of course, the instruction manual.

Note that the cost to assemble a single box or two will likely be significantly more than the production cost.  Buying the parts in single quantities is far more expensive than buying them in quantity.  Also, since this is a surface mount design, the assembly complexity goes way up for hand assembly.  In addition, it's quite possible the specific enclosure that this was designed around will no longer be available.  None of these things makes it an insurmountable task to assemble one, just more difficult and expensive.

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Due to the numbers, I'm not sending individual notices.  However, I don't see your ZIP in my data base if the one in your profile is accurate.  How did you send it, and under what name?  I also don't see your profile email address in the database. 

My original list of interested parties also doesn't show your profile email, so I doubt I send you a query, at least to that email.

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Try again Herb.

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Reason: There was an error while attempting to deliver your message with [Subject: "TMCC Buffer Preliminary Order Survey and Initial Data"] to MTA received this response from the destination host IP - -  550 , 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
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ALERT:  Last change to get in on the build, orders are closed Saturday!

Once orders are closed, we'll submit the final quantity to the assembly house for board fabrication and assembly.  After that, there will be no more assembled units.

An important note:  You don't have a registered order unless you've submitted the initial $50 deposit, that's what I'm using to buy all the parts!  It's not sufficient to be added to the "I want one" list.

John I never got any paper fro you so I do not know what the deposit was to be. let me know so I can get it to you as quick as I can. The only contact I had with you was to give you my e mail at York. Let me know how much and where to send it. Tom Thanks    I just saw that is 50. Where to send it.


Hi John,

Excuse my ignorance, I am totally electronic deficient. I’ve been following the progress of this thread, but most information discussed here, has gone over my head. I wired my layout as recommended for DCS & later included TMCC/Legacy. I rarely have issues but I experience signal problems in a small yard area as well as a couple of underpasses/tunnel sections, with a few MTH & TMCC engines.  I never run those engines for that reason.

Before I pull the trigger, now that the window of opportunity will be closed soon, would Dale’s Track Signal Booster cure these problems? Is the booster & the buffer the same thing?

I apologize if these questions have been addressed previously, if so please say so & I will run through the tread more thoroughly.



I understand that DCS & TMCC/Legacy are 2 different animals. I did the earth ground wire additions shortly after I purchased my first TMCC engine, with minimal success. Once I installed Legacy & did away with TMCC, the problems became less but did not disappear completely. The same Lionel engines, running next to each other or over & under each other never cleared up. It's been awhile since I first installed TMCC but I believe before & when only running DCS, I had no signal issues.

I just went through the thread again & read the DM TMCC Buffer Documentation.pdf. Based on that PDF, it seems the booster could help with at least my Lionel issues.

So John, based on your experience & knowledge, DCS asside, would the booster clear up my TMCC/Legacy issues?

Thanks again,


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