I just purchased this Weaver GS2 Western Pacific 4-8-4.  When on the track the  E-Unit feature works and the sound is on.  The problem is that I cannot succeed with command control.  

Someone, has disconnected (see the red circle in the attached photo) the reverse lockout switch and I cannot find a program/run switch although there is a cutout in the tender floor. The previous owner may have made other modifications.

I have included photos of the control board which has a QSI controller, the engine and tender and a close up of the engine name plate.

Any recommendations or wiring diagram?



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It doesn't have command control, it is the QSI protosounds.  That is the one that is compared to protosounds 1.  There are other features that are not in protosounds but you would need a QSI manual to find out what they are.  It should be the same as it would use clinks and clanks to program it.  It wasn't until later versions where they replaced the clinks and clanks with voice descriptions.

Gene Anstine


You can convert this engine to TMCC or DCS. Either way, you have to completely gut the existing electronics package from the engine. If you go with TMCC, you will have to electrically insulate the tender shell from the frame, or insulate a handrail on the boiler. Otherwise the TMCC signal will never get to the board.

Actually, once you get the hang of it, PS1 is not all that complicated. And the QSI boards you have are pretty robust. Unless you are married to the command control idea, you may want to learn about using all the clicks and clanks. BTW, when you first start  the engine, do not go above 10v. Instead, lower the throttle, then advance it again. That will put you in neutral. After that you can raise and lower the throttle as you desire and the engine will cycle between neutral, forward, neutral, reverse, etc. Going above 10v when you first start puts you in Reset, where you get all the clinks and clanks to program the engine.




ifrichard posted:

Hi Gene,

Thank you.  That makes sense to me.  I have taken a quick look at a Proto-Sound's manual.  It looks too complicated for me.

Is there an easy way to convert this engine to TMCC?



Yes. 3rd Rail is now the place to get ERR (Electric Rail Road) TMCC Cruise Commander and Railsounds upgrade kits - you can even use that lonely disconnected switch as tour Prog/Run switch! (One also comes with the kit.)

Go to 3rd's site and check out the ERR kits. You just need a Cruise Commander kit. Use the existing loco/tender tether. If you want sound, get one of the "Large Steam" RS kits. Plugs into the Commander board.

I believe that the instructions are printed from the website; I forget.

Insulating the (antenna) tender body from the frame is not difficult. You'll need electrical tape and nylon screws. (Plastic coal loads used to make it even easier for antenna installation, but our steamers have "improved" so you don't get that good feature any more.)

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