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Several years ago I removed all of my N&W Class J locomotives from display and took them to the VMT for the send off for the 611. We filled the layout at the museum and only ran Class J locomotives This is when the locomotive was to be broken down and rebuilt for excursion service.



Today the J returns to Roanoke for the first time in 4 years. Tomorrow the museum will have a special whistle blowing event with the J611. I will be bringing just three locomotives tomorrow for the VMT layout. The 600, 613 and of course the 611 to be run during the event.


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Scott Smith


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New York Central P-2b electric motor #223 is an MTH Premier die-cast model (20-5507-1, MSRP $599.95) delivered in 1999 with PS1. At the time it was made, MTH was producing and showing newly-tooled scale-sized models in every catalog. My model has a BCR and has been running on my layout for 23 years.

Alco-GE built 22 P-1 electric locomotives in 1929 and 1930 to haul passenger trains at the Cleveland Union Terminal (partly owned by the New York Central Railroad). The operation was electrified beneath 3000-volt DC catenary because the smoke from steam locomotives would have been unacceptable in the underground terminal. In 1951, with the advent of diesel locomotives, the New York Central converted a P-1 locomotive to 660-volt third-rail DC operation and tested it for use at New York’s Grand Central Terminal. In 1955, the twenty remaining locomotives were modified to haul passenger trains between GCT and Croton-Harmon. As used in New York, the P-2 locomotives weighed 388,000 pounds, developed more than 3000 horsepower with a tractive effort of 77,925 pounds, and had a maximum speed of 70 miles-per-hour.

The photos and videos show NYC #223 and Alco RS-3 diesel #8344 (MTH Railking 30-20816-1, $359.95 delivered with PS3 in 2021) on my 12’-by-8’ layout.




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Due to the recent beautiful weather, I haven't been working on the layout the last six weeks, and I have nothing new to post. So here are some "oldies but goodies..."

The Anderson Road grade crossing:

IMG_0309 [1)

Penn Central units west of Matawanna:

IMG_6885 [3)

Union furnace Road passing underneath a old PRR stone arch bridge near Spruce Creek:

IMG_9634 [1)

Second Street in Port Royal:

IMG_3248 [3)

A K-4 Pacific blasts through Mifflin in the days of steam:

IMG_2934 [2)

Power House at the East Altoona engine servicing facility:

IMG_2783 [1)

And finally, my scratch built Pennsylvania Barn in the Tuscarora Valley:

IMG_1568 [5)

It's supposed to get real hot the next few days, so perhaps that will drive me back to the basement to work on the layout.


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Colorful Western Railroading. The Coast Daylight passenger train that was put together in San Francisco linked Northern and Southern California. The locomotives, cars, and switcher engines used by Southern Pacific were superlative! My model 0-6-0 was made by 3rd Rail, and it too is a paramount of model railroading. The Coast Daylight traveled scenic California where passengers viewed: “Mineral Springs. Fruitful Valleys. Surf-kissed Bluffs. Snow-capped Mountains. Ancient Missions. Acres of Fragrant Flowers.” A quote from Daylight Reflections by Nils Huxtable.



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”Today the J returns to Roanoke for the first time in 4 years. Tomorrow the museum will have a special whistle blowing event with the J611. I will be bringing just three locomotives tomorrow for the VMT layout. The 600, 613 and of course the 611 to be run during the event.”

I was just talking with my son while he was on his break. He’s a NJT Engineer. I told him about the whistle blowing and he should blow his horn for the 611. He said OK I’ll blow it 68 times for the 611. I asked why 68? He said that there’s 17 crossings on the way back to the terminal. 😎

Well the Die has been casted!

Some may recall is image of two ACY hopper cars where I am trying to replicate Dolomite and Limestone loads pulled to steel mills in Youngstown.


I liked the Dolomite load but the Limestone load here is a base color until can decide on which of the dozen or so of limestone colorations.

I found great shoots of limestone loads in dump hopper in one of Morning Sun Books "Steel Mill Railroads." then pretty well matched it.



Now have to decal the undecorated NE cab from MTH like the two cabs bought from RDG in1963.  I found the correct decals sets but am hesitant since have not done any dealing in 65-years.  



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New to me 260e steamer…




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New to me 260e steamer…


Didn't know that you was into tin-plate Craig.  Now that I sold my MTH collection and started buying tin-plate myself, I REALLY REALLY like tin-plate more.  I was never never much for prototypical and tin-plate fits that bill nicely.

Looking forward to more of your shorter type videos (thanks for "short") on your tin-plate stuff


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