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About six weeks ago, I posted a photo of my model Mifflin tower, located in the borough of Mifflin, PA, near the center of the commonwealth. Since then, I have added additional line side detailing, This includes the pneumatic piping, valves, and air tank (just to the left of the tower in the first photo) to operate the turnouts within Mifflin Interlocking. The piping is visible in all three photos. A photo of the prototype is also included.  Please note the detailed interior of the tower. The bald tower operator can be seen peering out the window and looking towards the right. Other details are an interlocking diagram panel, clock, bulletin board, desk with phone, lockers and a fire extinguisher. The final photo shows some lineside detail at the eastern end of the interlocking, including the footers for the signal bridge, relay case, line drop from the line pole, and pneumatic piping. The battery well still has to be installed. I have included a map of the area so you know where the prototype is located. It's tough to see, but look for the red marker right in the center of the Pennsylvania. The final picture shows the site of Mifflin tower as it appeared a few months ago. The tower is gone, but the pneumatic tank along with the piping as seen on my layout is still there!



Incredible, Neal!


Farmer_Bill posted:


I made my own a few years back.  As each one of my grandchildren was born and after Mom and Dad picked a name I bought unpainted train letters at Michael's and painted them up.  Then I displayed them on selves in my downstairs room. Here they are in the order they were born:  Yellow wheels for boys, pink for girls, green engine, red caboose:




Alexandria - cropped

ALL 4:

All 4 Trains


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