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@RixTrack posted:

I decided I wanted the Amtrak 46. So that’s two locomotives, the Pennsylvania C-Liner and the Amtrak 46.  According to Ryan there will be super liner cars coming soon.  

I was going to order that same Amtrak loco but have decided to wait. There will be a bunch of newly offered Amtrak items in the next catalog (per Ryan) including the Midnight Blue #100 Anniversary livery. That's the one I want.  I think the next catalog will also have passenger cars and maybe even a set, so I'm holding off so I can see all the new offerings and decide accordingly.

For those getting the C-Liners, what is the biggest draw to getting them? I hadn’t heard of them before this week. I read a little about the engines but wanted to hear from the folks who preordered why you are excited about them. (The demonstrators are nice looking)

Its different from looks to sound. I have the MTH PS2 C-Liner set and love it. The demos with that 3 axle rear truck make it look unique.

@PeterA posted:

However, outside of a random purchase here and there, I am getting close to the point of train saturation in having accurate models of nearly everything I'm interested in.  I can't believe I'm actually writing that.


Jonathan, I suspect we all go through that, so I sell off my oldest to make room for the newest and greatest!  

But from this catalog, the biggest disappointment for me was that a long awaited Genesis diesel was in the LionChief line, not the Legacy line.  And I am waiting for the hard copy catalog to arrive so I can see if the Grand Canyon Railway set has cars with the proper Harrriman roofs - I cannot tell from the online graphic.  If so, that is my buy.  Steamer #29, although their generic model, is close enough, with a couple of changes, does a pretty good job of looking like the real item.

I wouldn't bet money on those "Harriman cars". You want Harriman, its the Golden Gate Depot cars you seek. I have a funny feeling that Lionel will just repaint & reletter Reading RR "turtleback" passenger cars to Grand Canyon

[ex SP] Sorry if I disappointed you.

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@dkdkrd posted:


My attention...even prior to the July 15 announcement...has shifted to the secondary market for past gems.  Which are, IMHO, becoming even more gem-like every day.

Folks like Pat (Harmonyards) have convinced me that recycling older, well-built/detailed 'bones' is more appealing...financially, as well as technically/aesthetically...than pining for a catalog announcement that increases the heart rate...from desire () OR sticker shock ()!!!

Speaking of the heart...folks like Pat, Alex, Gunrunner, et al, are, IMHO, our hobby's renowned 'cardiologists'.  I'm not sure that the lingering hoopla over TMCC vs. DCS will ever be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.  But, should my favorite vision...Battery Power with DCC...ever gain enough traction to be in their surgical repertoire, I'll have the beautiful, affordable 'bones' for their surgical skills.

And, meanwhile, the conventional performance suffices for my enjoyment.

TEHO, though.  Enjoy the catalog.


I too have been focusing on past gems and upgrades. HOWEVER you have to be carefull as there are some like the

2-8-0 that can't be upgraded and one has limited choices but to sell the old and buy the new. I found this out the hard way...aint that right Gunrunner!

I’ve preordered both of the TrainWorld Exclusive Long Island C-Liners, the Nassau Hobby Center Exclusive Long Island 2-8-0, the 1990’s version of the Strasburg #90, all three two packs of 2000’s Strasburg coaches, and the two Strasburg observation cars. I’ve got some saving to do 😅😂3EC46432-7C9A-466C-BAFD-FF4FFD3F580A


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  • 3EC46432-7C9A-466C-BAFD-FF4FFD3F580A

Well, as someone who had clamored for the GW#90, it was disappointing to see it priced like a Big Boy....if a lot closer to the 2-8-0 that is in the catalog in price, just picked up today (late to party?, had called around for discounts), l would have jumped.  Have that problem with the offered GW caboose, too. Too bad, for me.  And l never thought it would be offered

I bit the bullet and preordered the no. 90.

It was definitely a tough choice which version to get, but I finally settled on the retro egg logo version - it’s unique and definitely the dressiest version available.81F774F2-3009-4B64-9313-5381926F514A

I skipped on the wood passenger cars since I have a set of PRR heavyweights that’ll suit the bill fine for now.


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Well, it was a very bad catalog for me (good for Lionel) but as a younger person in the hobby (early 20s), I figure I might as well order it now because who knows the next time it will be made or the availability on the secondhand market in the years to come.

  • Strasburg 90 (2000s scheme)
  • One Strasburg 2 pack
  • Philadelphia and Reading Observation
  • Southern 630 2-8-0 (Legacy Station Custom Run)
  • Long Island C-Liner (Cataloged Version)
  • Long Island Tichy C-Liner (Trainworld Custom Run)
  • 4 LIRR Passenger Cars cataloged
  • NYC Hobo Sounds Car (MrMuffins Custom Run)
  • Southern Flatcar w/ Firetruck

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