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it's been a while since I visited the White Pass, A very thoroughly modern narrow-gauge railway.  White Pass was actually a heavy haul ore railroad until the mid 1980s when the mines shut down.  Thankfully after a dormant period when nothing ran the railroad came to back to life as the successful tourist hauler we know today.

Kudos to all the O gaugers that have gotten designs set up for 3D printing, but I just couldn't bring myself to put a Lionel standard gauge frames under those nice prints.  I don't think there will ever be any true White Pass models ever made in On30 (or On3 for that matter), so I decided to make my own using available 3D prints and available components that are close enough.  Like all my projects, they are not exact but a decent representation.

All the parts for the 90 class locomotive aren't in yet so I built two modern container cars.


Shapeways conatainer by Child-proof model solutions on a modified Kusan tank car frame.


Kline container cut down to prototype length of 25 ft 3 in. on a modified Kusan tank car frame.

  The modern container flats were almost as big as older smaller standard gauge cars.  There were two series, the 300 series straight sill cars and 400 series fishbelly cars, both built by National Steel Car in Hamilton Ontario.

  The Kusan frame is only about 1/16 inch too wide, so that will have to be good enough, take an inch or so out of the length and you are really close.  I added the side sills with Evergreen angle and placed crosswise supports for the ore and general merchandise containers.  The car rides on American Models S gauge roller bearing trucks with the wheels regauged to On30 (HO).  Kadee On3 couplers installed.

  Still some details still left to apply such as handrails and obviously paint.

  For everone running on standard gauge track all you need is the body modifications, trucks and couplers would be stock.

  The 90 class body will go on a regauged American Models PA frame.  I know the trucks aren't correct, but again it's as good as it's going to get.  That will take a little longer.

Gray Lackey

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