We have had recurrent phasing problems on our setup. We have a Z-1000 which is out of phase with our Z-4000. We solved that problem by switching the prongs of the Z-1000's plug.

Now, I want to use the 14v accessory tap of the Z-1000 for accessory power, and I think I have a problem. When I test for phasing and put a multitester on the center pin from the Z-1000 track power and the hot screw of the 14 volt accessory output, I get a reading of 14 volts. When I test the center pin of the z-4000 track power and the common of the Z-1000 accessory screw, I get 0 volts.

Based on the recommendations for checking phasing, that is the opposite of what I would expect. Is my logic wrong, is my transformer out of phase with itself, or did I miss a step?

I didn't tie the grounds together, as they are coming from the same Z-1000.

Thanks in advance.

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My guess is the taps are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. This is similar to the way a house step down transformer works. Each 120v leg is out of phase with the other in the transformer giving the house 240v off the two legs but only using one phase of the power line. My house transformer is wired this way. The advantage is the common current flowing is only 100 amp max even with my 200 amp service so the wire size in the transformer can be smaller and only one hot wire feeds the transformer. This would make it impossible to phase both legs of the transformer at the same time.
I had an older Z-1000 brick with that problem.
Since I work with electronics every day it was no big deal to me. I opened the Brick and swapped the Main polarity to get it all correct.

Do Not do This unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.
1) Voids any Warranty.
2) Your Insurance company will have a fit if they find out.
3) Your Fire Marshall may also have a fit.
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