12/9/18 Forum Luncheon in White Plains

Arnold, what I forgot to mention is that the alien robot crabs replicate every three days unless they are stopped!  I strongly suggest PW Lionel #44 take out the predator and lionel 3665 minuteman launcher take out the mother ship. 

Note the crab predator will summon the mothership unless stopped.

 there can be NO failed missions!


Two days later: I wanted to go to the lunch, but I actually got a ride to the show and so was under the constraints of doing what my driver wanted. I got there about 10:30am and left about 1:30.

I did buy a very nice Williams 4-6-4 Hudson Streamliner #4001. If I hadn't had a ride, it would have been a Real Pain to get it home. Because it didn't run in reverse, no one wanted it. But because I just display the trains (no layout), it was ideal for me.

Here's an image off the internet:Williams 4-6-4 Hudson 4001


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MELGAR posted:

 RAILRIDE purchased the longest boxcar I have ever seen! 


I sure did  This makes my eleventh "Layout Shrinker" (DCS remote for size comparison):

grand trunk 86-footer wtta 12-9-18

This car was an example of the adage about dealers packing up at the end of a show--sometimes they're willing to strike a deal just to avoid carting a particular item home one more time. In this case, after the luncheon, I went back into the show to find everyone packing up their merch, and I spotted this 86' boxcar, the only one in the show. I expressed interest, and scored this monster, at a "you'll never see that again" price  

---PCJ (mental note--untuck that shirt before getting into a photo lineup. Oofah)


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Hey Paul that was the hopper I was considering.  the $5 off had me looking at everything on his table and the ARR hopper was tempting but as I said I've already got a bunch of ARR stuff.  I too rode those rails during a great vacation years ago.

Andrew, nice score.  Sorry we didn't get to meet you.  Hopefully you at least got to meet Tom at his table.

For many years I would post the announcement for these particular shows (they are in December and  January)...then, I would wait for the negative comments...Oh, it is too expensive...You will never find anything there...It is a waste of time/money, etc.

Glad everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I always thought it was fun to have a table there and I look forward to doing it and chatting with new and old friends who visit my table. 

Not too long ago, even Metro-North Railroad had a table across from where George Tebolt has his table. They gave out freebies like pens, mini flashlights, etc. and it seemed to be a good customer relations idea, but it's been at least 2 shows now (as far as I remember) and they no longer participate. 




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