There are two PW 773 variations. Basically delineated as the following:

The 1950 Production run has a fancier valve gear assembly and came with the premium 2426W tender.

The Fancy Valve Gear:

The 1964 production lacks the fancier valve gear and came with the PENNSYLVANIA 736W or NEW YORK CENTRAL 773W tender.

Lacking the valve gear:

The parts list shows 773-55 as the valve gear support for both the 1950 and 1964 versions... can you elaborate?



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What Boiler are you attempting to mate that frame with? That frame belongs to the 6-18005 700E remake.  If all you have is that frame, you would probably be better off purchasing a complete locomotive vs sourcing all the parts to complete your 6-18005 700E remake.

I thought the 6-18005 was now in bargain territory?  Surely used Hudson’s are not competing with the new Vision stuff?

I do know the B6 switcher has descended into ridiculous territory, some going for $160 or so.  I am done accumulating, but am sorely tempted!

Not sure I’d call 550-600 bucks “ bargain territory “ for the 18005, but I can promise the OP would well surpass that number trying to piece one together from just a bare block and wheels....the motor alone hovers in the 100 dollar neighborhood........Pat

The Water Level Route.......You Can Sleep

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