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While I have never been 'Down Under' to Melbourne, depending on the city you go to around the rough you might find a little piece of it rolling around.  Inspired by one such 'Melbourne Ambassador', I decided to craft my own little model of Streetcar W6-Class no.960 for eventual 3d printing (resin or filament) to have on a future layout.  (trucks not prototypical, just added for O-scale sizing during modeling)

Note! that this style of streetcar does not perfectly fit to O scale.  The size of trucks its required to have are larger than prototypical, and as such, some compensating was made to the undercarriage (other than that, its all to scale).

The basic shape I made to start with, details and modifications where made to bring it closer to the prototype.

No catenary!  Will probably just purchase those parts.

Mock-up lights, they are actually hollow to allow for bulb installation and wiring.  Have not decided if I should do the same with the street destination sign (center top).

Just a few more modifications and then need to set it up into how it will print off!


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