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Hi there folks,

I have a Atlas F3 D&RGW engine here (2-Rail) where I had added a QSI decoder from the aftermarket. As Caboose Hobbies did make a fault when ordering my engine, I ended up with the need to attach the QSI F3 decoder to my engine. I followed exactly the path by checking out my factory equipped ATSF F3. But when I place that DRGW F3 on my tracks, all my On30 narrow gauge engines (having Soundtraxx Tsunami TSU-1000 decoders) don´t react any longer.


What happens here...?


Any ideas from you DCC-cracks would be AWESOME... Do feel a bit helpless here...


Cheers, Tom

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without you describing the problem more fully, it is hard to diagnose dcc problems/issues:

did you test the loco on d.c. before installing the decoder to verify that it worked?

did you test the loco on a dcc test track, with a resistor, after installing the decoder to verify the installation was done correctly?...this is a separate off the layout/not connected to the layout track

since you mention 2 rail O and On30...are the two layouts connected electrically, or physically with dual gauge tracks, or both?

how many locos with decoders do you have sitting idle on both layouts?  even though they are sitting idle, they are still drawing current

how many amps is your dcc system rated at?

when you say your On30 locos do not react any your system showing a short circuit or overload?

or is your system "on" but no dcc signal is reaching the On30 locos, [no whistle, bell, light or sound functions]?

does the other atlas F3 operate with the one you installed the decoder in?

any other light you can shed on the problem?


here is what I already checked:


- I´m using a Lenz Set 100 with LZV100, probably I will need to add a LV102 to give

  the Standard Gauge Section more power - amps already: 5


- I did test the DRGW F3 prior installation, everything fine.

- I did not test the DRGW F3 on a DCC Test track yet.

- I do have O standard gauge and On30 narrow gauge on my Rio Grande themed

  layout, electrical connection YES, physically connection NO - no 3rail sections etc.

- Usually there are 4-5 narrow gauge engines plus 4-5 standard gauge engines

  sitting idle (maybe here is the reason...)

- No short circuit detected, the other DCC engines are usually not reacting properly

  then (Light/Sound/Control/Bell/other functions) while DCC system is still "on"


Let me check this:


- I will take off all other models except the F3, then check controllability together

  with my other ATSF, works equipped F3. Then add a On30 engine with a Tsunami.


- Will try to add a Lenz LV102 to give the On30 section enough power excessing 5

  Amps of m system.


Will keep you updated on this.

Thank you so much for your thoughts in this issue.


Kind regards, Tom




yes keep me updated on what you find...

you may need to split the 2 rail O section and the On30 section electrically by using a booster for each section, [just think as the both layouts as one big layout, separated into districts with district boosters].

if your original lenz system was able to handle the On30 section by may just need one booster to feed power into the 2 rail O part of the layout.

the booster[s] just increase the amps available, not really the track voltage...but still uses the dcc data signal from your command you would be able to control all of your locos, [both the On30 and 2 rail O] from one handheld.


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