Greetings everyone! It has come to my attention that people are trying to get a hold of Brummy,s landscaping (facebook) for rubber ballast which he sold. The bad news is he out of business and is in an assisted living-nursing home. The listed telephone # is for his house which nobody is home. We're trying to get his advertising off line, but hard because he can't do it. He has not given out the source for the rubber so someone can continue selling it. I,m Eddy G and I've have done many shows with Dave, the owner of Brummy's. There was someone else selling it by the name of King, but haven't seen or heard of him for awhile. Thanks for reading!  Eddy G

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Perhaps, this is the company you are referring to: Ballast King, owner Bill Swarthout. I bought ballast from him many years ago and as recently as July, 2015 when I was building my larger layout here in CA.

Attached is a pdf of the price list I ordered from in 2015.

Anyone interested should call Bill at: 440-937-6771 to discuss this further.

This is a great product as my layout is in my "great room" on hard wood floors. If some ballast gets on the floor, it doesn't scratch. 

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