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I have been following along with many folks here on this forum and decided to share my layout with the broader group. This project began as a floor layout in my basement. As my family grew, I started to realize that my trains were in danger sitting on the floor. This past year, with all of the extra time at home, I was finally able to commit to getting layout benchwork built. The project started with one goal: Get the trains off the floor.

The layout dimensions are roughly 27'x12'. There is a Blog detailing the benchwork construction below.

Train Table - Part 1

Train Table - Part 2

Train Table - Part 3

Train Table - Part 4

As with most things, the layout has now become my top hobby and creative outlet. My layout combines several elements. I have some areas where I am playing around with more detailed scenery. This is all a work in progress so more updates will be posted as things progress. You can also follow my shenanigans on my RBP Trains Youtube channel



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  • Chris' Track Plan
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I created a POV video of the layout a few weeks back. This gives a little more perspective on the track plan.

We start the journey on the outer main line before the tunnel. We transfer to the inner main to turn the camera around then transfer back to the outer main. We head down the line to make a pass by the engine shed. We continue on and then switch through the Claire rail yard where we change direction again next to the Big Rock Candy Mountain. We then head back to the starting point. Enjoy!

@Mallard4468 posted:

Great video.  Just one note - I searched YouTube for "Chris' O-gauge" and found another young guy's channel.  What's the channel name for Chris1985 channel?

Click on YouTube in the lower right of one of the videos in this post and it will take you to YouTube where you can watch other videos and subscribe. RBP Trains.

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Thanks @mike g.! I have been following your build and getting ideas from you so don't stop now!

@Jay Francis Thank you! When I was designing, I really wanted to be able to move a train anywhere on the layout and to be able to switch directions.

Thanks @Will! I am pretty new to the whole YouTube thing so my gear is limited. I have a tripod/ring light for static shots and I use a gimble for motion shots. I record and edit on my iPhone 12. The POV video I did required my older Sony AVCHD camcorder which did I nice job. As my video hobby grows with the trains, I will probably find myself looking at nicer cameras and recording gear! I agree that the videos are fun to create!

Thanks @Aem7s4lyfe! Appreciate the support. I love the AEMs as well! When my wife was in Grad School, I rode many of them via Amtrak on the weekends to visit her in NYC.

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Chris 1985, this is amazing, your nice video, your great layout, excellent track work, and your table is excellently crafted. Congratulations on getting into this hobby at a young age, you will see so many new innovations in the next few years as this Hobby is changing with the times, Legacy command, (not real sure about DCS command)  Lionels Voice Control, everything backwards compatibility, the best is yet to come. I will check out your channel. You might show us more pictures of your fathers layout to. Thank you again. Happy Railroading Everyone

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