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To extend the York fun, many people go out early to hit the Bandit Meets that start on Monday.  These easily take up all, or nearly all of the mornings, but what to do after?

I go to the Wednesday Bandit Meets with guys from my club, and then after lunch, we head off to find other train fun, usually in the form of visiting train shops.  This past Spring, we visited Nicholas Smith Trains and Henning's Trains.  In years past, we visited many other shops, and some are sadly no longer in business.  One of our favorite trips, though, was what we called "The Grand Tour".  It started at White Rose Hobbies just outside of York,  then on to Iron Horse Trains inside the Yesteryear Antique Center in Hanover, PA (there is usually RR related stuff elsewhere in this place, so it is worth looking around), then on to the open house at Toy Trains Unlimited (38 York St., Hanover, Pa. 17331 -- see Clem's Primer for more info on this), then on to the Red Lion Area Historical Society & Red Lion Train Station Model Railroaders open house in Red Lion, PA (details in Clem's Primer, as well).  As with any road trip, attention must be paid to store and event hours, but this one is pretty easy.

Note:  The Red Lion open house dates listed in Clem's Primer are for the week AFTER York.  Don't know if this is a typo or not.  Anyone interested should contact that club or historical society for confirmation of dates.

So, what do you do for fun after the bandit meets?


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I've been to Nicholas Smith, and would like to visit Henning's, but that's quite a drive from York in an afternoon.

I usually spend Wednesday afternoon at the TCA museum, Choo Choo Barn, Strasburg RR, and the Pennsylvania museum across the road.  The TCA museum is free for members, Choo Choo Barn is about half price, and watching a train come and go at Strasburg is free.

And it's nice to see someone mention the Red Lion club - great layout, friendly folks, and they always make a few changes between each York.  (They're open on Wednesday and Thursday nights.)

In Gettysburg there is a diner that has the best cheese cake better than the Cheese Cake Factory. Lancaster outlets, Hersey, red lion antique shops, Christmas tree shops. There is a great German Christmas tree shop half way to Gettysburg.  All German ornaments from about $20. and up. my daughter goes home with about 4 of them every 6 months. Great eating, Chedders across from Round the Clock. Also Round the Clock, The Red Lobster in E. York. Yes, I live on the coast of Maine. I don't eat lobster there, but I like there shrimp and other sea food. I eat lots of lobsters at home much cheaper, and better. And also all the bandit shows, the 4 points, the fire house and of coarse the Wyndham. We are there from Sunday to Saturday. We don't go back to the meet on Saturday. After 5 days that's enough. remember I am 92 years old. We have breakfast at Round the Clock and head north. We have a 525 mile drive each way.

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@Mallard4468 posted:

Re the railfanning, what locations are best?

Re seeing a movie, if you can stay awake for two hours while sitting in a comfy chair in a dark room, you're not doing enough during the day at York! 

@Mallard4468  Re: seeing a movie - you're done with the bandit meets by noon each day so there is plenty of time to see a movie or do anything else you want to do afterwards.  The bandit meets are M-W before the meet begins on Th - there's nothing to be tired from yet. 

Re: Railfanning - The ex Pennsy York Yard, ex PC, ex Conrail Windsor Street Yard now belongs to Norfolk Southern.  It is a small yard on the north side of town where there are usually a couple of engines working the yard.   What's left of the MA and PA, now YorkRail, is just east of the downtown area a couple of blocks off Market St.  It interchanges with the NS at Windsor Street Yard and with the CSX in Hanover and Porters Sideling.   Prior to the pandemic there was a daily freight during the week which left Lincoln Yard ~7-7:30 am headed to Smith Station in Hanover.  Lincoln Yard is on the west side of town off of Rt 462.  A google search will yield more information.  I've attached a pdf of showing the points of interest.  It's been 5-7 yrs since I railfanned in York.



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While at York for the April meet, we did some railfanning in Harrisburg which is only a 30-minute drive north. Really enjoyed seeing the Rockville Bridge and Enola Yard. There is a park on the east side of the Susquehanna River just north of the Rockville Bridge with nice views and parking. Saw plenty of action on the bridge. There is a road that crosses over one end of Enola Yard that has a sidewalk and cut-outs in the fencing so you can watch/photograph trains coming in and out of the yard. There is also the Harris Tower Museum that looks intriguing, but we didn't get there on our trip.

Good information here on railfanning Harrisburg.

Wow!  Thanks for sharing this!  We will definitely put this to use at some point in the near future!


Sure thing!

I can't believe I neglected to mention the Gettysburg and Northern Railroad! A great day to spend combining a battlefield visit and railfanning!  I have a personal connection to the town as my son goes to college there and my Great-Great Grandfather fought at the battle and has his name on a monument.   Here's a shot:

Screenshot 2022-10-11 092257

The circled building is Glatfelter Hall at Gettysburg College (for a geographical reference to the tracks). Also, there's a wye behind the college which you can walk along as well.   It's behind the college's Quarry Suites. 

Here's a link to an article with more info:

If you are planning a trip to include the battlefield, please be aware the Little Round Top portion of the battlefield closed for 18 months beginning this past July for restoration.



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