First Super-Chuffer install that really needed the smaller Super-Chuffer II board.

Here's is a Lionel 2-8-0 Consolidation that I just installed a new smoke unit, Super-Chuffer II, and the Chuff-Generator.  This is the first install for the Super-Chuffer II that I've done that actually required the smaller form-factor of the SC-II.

The Super-Chuffer II is actually crammed into the tiny space under the smoke unit, it's the only place that it would fit.  If I put it under the Odyssey board, it hung over the edge and looked ugly as you can see that area from the side above the drive wheel.  The Chuff-Generator was a similarly tight fit, that's the only place I could mount it, and I had to hog off the cast in mounting post on that side for it to fit.  The MTH smoke unit I usually use had no chance of fitting, so I used a LionChief Plus smoke unit. 

This is pretty well packed now.

Lionel 2-8-0 SC-II Upgrade N1Lionel 2-8-0 SC-II Upgrade N2


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The LC+ smoke unit is actually working pretty well, produces a nice quantity of smoke.  I use a couple pairs of series diodes to slightly drop the voltage and I'm using the stock 16 ohm resistor, it actually tests out as a 17 ohm resistor.  The big sin is not keeping the smoke unit wet if you're using it, when they get dry, they get hot!

Well, if you have a clean slate, you can go either way, DCS or TMCC.  If the Odyssey board wasn't there, I could have put the MTH smoke unit in this one, all the DCS electronics goes in the tender for DCS upgrades.  For this upgrade, I had to work with the remaining space as I wasn't changing the control system.

Dennis, you'd need the full Cruise Commander if you remove everything.  You'll also need the RailSounds Commander if you want sound.

If you run TMCC and DCS, the DCS upgrade for steam ends up being cheaper than the TMCC if you want all the features of chuffing smoke, etc.  The DCS upgrade kit for $200 or so has all of that.  For TMCC, after you do the CC and RS Commander, you have to add the Super-Chuffer and Chuff-Generator (or equivalent).  In either update possibility, you'll have to change out the mechanical for a fan driven unit if you want command controlled smoke and synchronized chuffing.

Dennis Holler posted:

So if all the electronics have been removed except the motor, would I still use the Cruise commander M?

Hey Dennis,

If you removed all of the electronics, and only have the wiring and motors, the cruise m is NOT for you. The Cruise M is a drop in replacement for engines already equipt with TMCC. You should look into the Cruise Commander and a matching sound board. Or a DC Commander if you don't want cruise but I wouldn't, go for the Cruise.

Edit: John beat me to the punch 😁😁

Daniel Gonzalez

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