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Friday is almost over for me .. which means you Yanks will be getting up and posting lol

Today?.... a Wittrock Clockwork from Denmark

I dont know why but I keep finding them lol ... I think that particular one was #4 to the collection

The star of the Wittrock sub-collection is a hand painted 1st production run from 1949 , Wittrock didn't have the funds to invest in lithography at the time , so to test the demand he released a small amount of hand tooled sets for Christmas ... finding they all sold well ,subsequent sets such as the one above were all fancy and printed with the addition of nice cast wheels and punched side rods  !

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Whoops, I forgot the input for F.E.F. in my above posting.  Great photos everyone, Fatman your vintage Whitlock especially the hand painted one is really super. 3rd rail - what a silver beauty. UKE KAT and RSJB18 beautiful NW-2's.  Wood - great collection of Amtrack loco's - I also have the WbB F-59 PH its my smoothest running engine and pulls like mad!. Walt - that is quite an elaborate Christmas layout... thanks for posting.

Today I have another Lionel MPC veteran...from 1980 or 42 years ago.  Somehow 1980 did not seem that long ago, our family lived in Dayton, Ohio and I was working as an system engineer for the Dept of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB.  So here is my input for today, the Lionel (MPC) #8008 4-4-2 Chessie System steamer.  She is dark blue die cast and came with a "firebox" light, it was the first time Lionel did this since 1938.  She has the "mechanical" Sound of Steam  (which takes a great deal of imagination to make you think of the sound of a steam engine ).  Strange as it seems, Lionel was experimenting at the time with the best way to improve their market share and this engine, like others in that time period, was DC only!  She came as part of the "Chesapeake Flyer"Set.

Here is the F.E.F. view

Lionel 8008 front view.

A front quarter shot showing her yellow stripe and a glimpse of her very elaborately decorated tender.

Lionel 8008 front quarter

Side view, giving a better look at the tender.

Lionel 8008 side view

Oh yea, I missed "Tail End Tuesday" this week due some medical issues with the wife (ended up overnight in the hospital in Fort Worth) - cleared up today.  So here is my "tail end shot" the Lionel Chessie Systetem caboose - also from 1980.

Lionel 8008 tender and caboose

Well best wishes everyone, hope you have a great weekend.



Images (4)
  • Lionel 8008 front view.
  • Lionel 8008 front quarter
  • Lionel 8008 side view
  • Lionel 8008   tender and caboose

Wow What a trip Kevin.  TVRM now on my "bucket list" of places to visit.

Best Wishes Don

Thanks Don.

I enjoyed myself immensely and thoroughly recommend it as one's bucket list.  Interestingly enough, my wife and I were visiting her friend in Chattanooga and my original intention was to go railfan filming at the Chickamauga Dam (that I've posted in another thread in the Real Trains category).  Her friend asked me if I knew about the train museum, which I wasn't aware of. Upon hearing about it, I promptly added it to my "railroad day" itinerary.

@Wood posted:

Thank you @Sitka.  I like this FFE.  You get to see a lot of nice engines and great images of the layouts.  You too have a great weekend.

Yes sir a fine forum, Bought the magazine back in the late 80s, started again two years ago, wish I found this forum after starting this past layout after moving, Outstanding layouts with great scenery, and great tips on all topics, Hats off to all! God Speed @Wood.

Well its FRIDAY! ... although since I retired, this is not as significant a day as when I was working Beautiful pictures everyone.  @TrainBub - great pic of "Big Boy" plus in your 2 locomotive front picture,Question: the engine in the foreground has incredible detail...who make that? @Fatman - a "Matarazzo" from Argentina..@.WOW I admit I never expected a country like Argentina to have a tinplate maker. Thanks for posting  @RSJB18 - Great "Chessie" one of my favorite RR's  @matt rapp - great layout pictures Matt, thanks for posting them @SIRT- My goodness, your incredible level of detail now extends to mu or subway cars, great work. @Strap Hanger - nice RS1 and scene @Dave Ripp  -Nice 1:1 scale photo -

Well enough text for I have one of the semi-scale switchers from Marx, his "1998" Alco S-3 series of locomotives.  His engineering of these using a ruse to make an 8 wheel switcher from a 4 wheel motor is a real engineering innovation.  This one, black with white lettering, comes near the end of their run in 1962.  The train shown below also contains both the SF work caboose and the ACL lumber car, both somewhat scarce units of rolling stock.

Here is the F.E.F. view of this 1962 locomotive now about 60 years since new.

Marx Black SF 1998 Sw front

1998 ATSF Also S-3 and #74563 A.C.L lumber car from 1961

Marx Black SF 1998 Sw. front quarter

The full train including #4590 SF work caboose from 1958-1962

Marx Black ST 1998 Switcher side view w train

Well here's hoping you have a great weekend.

Best Wishes



Images (3)
  • Marx Black SF 1998 Sw front
  • Marx Black SF 1998 Sw. front quarter
  • Marx Black ST 1998 Switcher side view w train

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