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Running New Haven 0807 front new haven 0810 rear. DCS 5.0

Single engines have crossing sounds. Lashup does not have soft key for crossing sounds. Is this common in lashups?

Is there a fix?

If one engine stutters or looses power momentarily ( on AtlasO double slip switch with closure rails powered) have to shut down and restart.

Any thoughts? 

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I don't know about the crossing sounds, haven't tried it.  If you're running into issue with the power loss, there's a fairly simple "mod" that you can do with a 2-engine lashup that should fix that.  Just run a one-wire tether between the two engines sharing the pickup rollers, I use a 1.1A hold PTC in the lead.  That will give you four pickup rollers spaced to avoid any power loss to either engine, job done.

I agree with the SXS being needed in a lash up configuration, maybe MTH will give it some thought? It does seem odd to me that they left that one out?

Just a FWIW, but I saw a 44 tonner at my LHS yesterday and that was one impressive item. I couldn't believe how heavy it was, nice! It also sounded really good, I talked the owner into a demo on the store's test track.  

gunrunnerjohn posted:

A PTC is a Resettable Fuse, I use one in the one-wire tether between units to avoid cooking the tether wire in the case of a derailment that shorts a roller to the outside track.

Would you, please, advise which specific PTC you use?  I might like to make one of these tethers and don't even know where to start...when it comes to a PTC.

Thanks for any kind response.

gunrunnerjohn posted:

Here you go: Bourns MF-R110 PTC Resettable Fuse 30V 1.1A Ih Through Hole Radial, Disc.  That one is good for most tether uses.

I just stole this info and added it to our PTC & TVS parts list. Could you take a look and let me know if it needs editing for corrections?  Thanks!

It's in about the middle of the post, last PTC item before the TVS stuff. 


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