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This started in another thread and some thought it would good for future reference. It's a list of some commonly used resettable fuses and TVS diodes. I will add to the list when/if more information becomes available.

PTC resettable Fuse - 750mA hold, 1.5A trip for ERR Cruise Commander Lite - Digi-Key: MF-R075-0-99-ND - Notes: These go in one of the motor leads to protect a the drivers from a stalled motor. Only used for the Cruise Commander Lite. (GRJ)

PTC resettable Fuse - 130mA hold, 250mA trip for passenger car LED lighting - Digi-Key: 490-4808-1-ND - Notes: As long as the trip is around 250mA, the hold takes care of itself for LED passenger car lighting applications. (GRJ)

PTC resettable Fuse - 0.5A hold, 1A trip for Fastrack Uncoupler tracks drawing about 1.8A - Digi-Key: MF-R050-ND (other brands of un-coupler tracks may have similar requirements?) (Info - PLCPROF; Part #'s - NVOCC5, PLCPROF, GRJ)

PTC resettable Fuse - 50mA hold, 100mA trip for MTH smoke fan motors - Digi-Key: MF-R005-0-ND - (MTH smoke fan motors should not draw more than 50mA) (Info from a question in this thread started by WillyGee. (GRJ, WillyGee)

PTC resettable Fuse - 1.1A hold, 2.2A trip used in tethering 2 powered units MU's (aka lash-ups) - Digi-Key: MF-R110-ND - (For connecting power using a tether between the 2 MU'd units. A tether can be used to help with power drop outs when the distance between the unit's pick up rollers is too short. It helps with power drop outs when going through switches and other track pieces where the power rail has a gap in it) (Info from a question about MTH 44 Tonners in this thread started by CTR. (Digi-Key part number from GRJ)

TVS Conventional - Digi-Key Part Number 1.5KE36CALFCT-ND - 1.5KE36CA - 36 volt, bi-directional - Sized for a PWZW when the whistle button is depressed. This peaks over 33 volts if the compensation winding is considered. (Part number recommended by many, explanation by Dale H)  (Digi-Key part numbers from GRJ) 

TVS Command Control - Digi-Key Part Number 1.5KE33CALFCT-ND - 1.5KE33CA - 33 volt, bi-directional - Sized for the modern 18 volt bricks. The 18 volts peaks a bit over 25 volts. (HiRailers Unlimited & Independent HiRailers Group, explanation by Dale H) (Digi-Key part numbers derived from GRJ's above for 33 volt version)

For the TVS, the 1.5KE36CA is most recommended here on the forum and also the most widely used as it seems it would be suitable for either the modern bricks or the transformers with whistle buttons.  

'Original' thread here: Electric RR and PTC Resettable Fuses  -  (GRJ) - gunrunnerjohn 

Any and All corrections and/or additions welcome. They will be added as soon as see them posted here or I get them via email.

I also posted this as an addition to the  ELECTRICAL REFERENCE MATERIALS & MANUALS  thread for Reference Only. Please, No additional Comments to that thread.

So we don't add clutter the 'Electrical Reference Materials & Manuals'thread with a bunch of unnecessary comments, please use the 'Original' thread for further additions, corrections, discussion and any questions you might have. You can also email me with any corrections or additions. My email is in my profile. Thanks!

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RTR thanks for consolidating all of this information in one spot, very helpful!!! I was looking for the TVS product number and found it here in your thread.  I was also looking for a fast acting in-line circuit breaker for my ZW.  I came across the below post that I have added below.
This is Gunrunnerjohn's post from this thread:

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