All 19 of my diesel PS2 and 3 smoke units work fine but as i pull the engines for service (some super cap and TVS installs) i would like to add some over current protection to the smoke units (too many stories of board damages it seems for all mfg's). They have easy access and would like to wire in the appropriate value PTC or PTC's..thinking one for the motor and one for the heat element or ? Suggestions appreciated.


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Not known and varies by the programming of the engine.  For what it is worth, I rarely see PS-2 engines with bad smoke heater FETs,   Maybe 3 or 4.  Not worth it in my opinion.  G

I'd be more concerned about the smoke motor, in the last few months I've had two motors that shorted and did way more damage than I would have imagined.  If you really wanted to wire a PTC into the smoke motor circuit, I'd go for one with a trip value of around 100ma.


Would this be a good choice? Digi-Key: MF-R005-0-ND - 100mA trip, 50mA hold and 5 sec trip time.

If that is acceptable, I will add it to the parts list started in the other PTC thread.

Also, unless you have a better description for it, I will call it 'Suggested PTC for MTH smoke fan motors' (GRJ, WillyGee).

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