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Seeking recommendation on best approach to repaint a MTH R-17 Redbird to Off-white similar to the R-12.

Planned to remove shell, mask gates and remove windows and repaint with white spray paint.

Anyone would suggest a particular brand of paint for job that would best match off-white. Should I prime first since this going over that bright R-17 red?

Another concern was masking MTA logo on side shell then removing mask and peels of white paint.

How long should it sit before removing masking tape?

Any feedback or recommendations is welcomed. Just hate making a mistake and screwing up the shell.

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Just be careful with the krylon paint. I repainted a postwar 623 years ago with Krylon paint and it looked good going on but attacked the plastic and wrinkled/etched the plastic. Try painting the inside of the shell first to make sure there is no problems. I believe that the MTH use a ABS type plastic. Also make sure that the primer is sutable to the paint.

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