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Wow Roo! 


No comparison here to the quality  of your masterfully carried out work but here I go... this is mine





Railroad Ave's IGA, another store owner with a sense of humor making his business look just like a Woodland Scenics kit. 


US 85 on the north end of Railroad Ave has some of those new Franchise burger drive ins. 


Railroad Hotels along Wyncoop and 16th Street. 


East end of Railroad Aveune and 256th street, the old Standard All station.. 


West Pratt Street and Railroad.. this guy worked really hard to make his barber shop look exactly like the Woodland Scenics Landmark Structures Barber. 




The First Bank Building on Pratt and Main. 


Looking toward the First Bank Building from the Hotel Longmont. 


Main and Pratt in lower downtown Longview 


Shapiro luxury apartments and Fine Furs


Hotel Longmont AAA approved Rest Assured ...


Post card 


I will add some more from Longview later.. feeding the kids breakfast 


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mwb posted:

I don't have a downtown,

Yeah, me neither. I knew when I took on a layout concept of a very rural backwoods area, there'd be things I'd yearn to model, but couldn't.

This turned out to be a big one. I'd have loved to have modeled a downtown area but it wouldn't make any sense for my layout.

John I really like the trolley line in the street it's something that I considered once but never happened.

Great photos something about a main Street as we call it in Australia unfortunately I don't have one anymore but I do have a couple of modules I could do something with ! I have photos of a bus station I am building on a module but can't find them at the moment when they turn up I will post them anyone else have a Bus Depot? Roo.

This is my first post on the OGR forum. I'm building a small (10 foot by 5 foot) O gauge model railroad as a retirement activity. Resumed the hobby in 1997 after a lapse of about 40 years. These photos show the "downtown" section - still under construction. Will be making several more buildings and then adding streets, sidewalks and details.


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  • 2016_1223_LAYOUT_DOWNTOWN_01
  • 2016_1223_LAYOUT_DOWNTOWN_07
  • 2016_1223_LAYOUT_DOWNTOWN_03
  • 2016_1223_LAYOUT_DOWNTOWN_05

There are so many great scenes posted here. My own layout isn't up to this level yet. I am sharing a video of the Equestra Train Club's Christmas Layout.

This is the third year. The layout is in our community clubhouse. The HOA BOD said that we couldn't expand the footprint; but they didn't say anything about the air rights. The are two downtown scenes, the O gauge one with E-Z Streets and an HO downtown. The HO Viaduct was specially made by Silk City Bridgeworks. Thanks John! Here is the link. Equestra TrainClub Christmas Layout

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