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Not an Island war-fighter's favorite Transportation. Equipped with a pair of 225 HP Gray Marne diesels and a pair of 50 caliber machine guns. Lead flying above one's head from both directions.

We picked up 12 of them at Okinawa, each with a Higgins Boat (LCVP)  resting in the well deck, when the Korean War started.

Semper FI and Anchors Away!

Possibly for Inchon.  John

@hokie71 posted:

Please tell us more about the item behind the tank. What is it, what is it mounted on, and how did you build it. I have looked at 100 pictures of tanks stuck in the mud and still no hint. Thanks

Hey Hokie,

That is a Churchill Tank AVRE with a wood fascine. Tanks (in both world wars) would carry these huge bundles of wood for ditches. The company that makes this model is a French company, named Gaso-Line. They have the worst instructions ever, and are resin based. In order for the wood to be “still”, I not only had to glue it to a base, but secure it using wire that they provided with the kit. I then used CA glue to fasten the wires. If you have any questions about Gaso-Line, please feel free to email me. I’ve built many of their models.


Greg P

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I’d like to share my Thanks and Appreciation to everyone that ever served, especially those who payed the ultimate sacrifice! On this day I also Thank everyone that has ever put on a uniform, along with all those families that never had a loved one return home.
The best way to show your appreciation is to be an American worth dying for!


Now let’s see those military trains!


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