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Coach Joe

I do still have these buildings and a few more.  Sorry for the pics, I am not a  photographer.

My last real layout was when I was 17 in 84 and after we moved, I started to make buildings for a future layout.

They are a lot cruder in person.  Those fine details are nails as door handles and electric tape as door hinges and latches.  There is even a whole toothpick in the railing of one of the towers!.

They are based on B&O buildings from the standard plans and a few from buildings I saw a couple of times before they were tore down.

Here is a cardboard station that was the result of a pump car trip in 1991.  It is still there and in good hands.



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Below is nothing to compare to the quality of previous submittals but I had a fun time making it. It occupies a spot at Trolley Park that always seemed to have a trolley or locomotive just sitting around. I would remove them and they would creep back in the middle of the night. I used foam core for the sides covered with ye olde walls with printed windows and doors. A lot of time was spent on the roof as I really did not want it to warp. Used a lot of super glue and some enamel paint to keep the dreaded water based products away. 8-) Anyhow, it is what it is. I have a kit-bashed engine house into an abandoned factory I might trot out later. Do TRAIN ON!



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Wow, some great builds. While not as elaborate as the above models, I built a vertical oil tank for my oil derrick. I stacked four or five 35mm by 3” motion picture cores (I was a film archivist for 44 years), and glued them. Then I took .005 styrene, which I scored with a pounce wheel to mimic rivets, and wrapped it around the stack. I finished off with a roof of the same build, then added piping from a Walther’s oil kit. Painted, and used decals from a Lionel tank car.



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Here is a Lionel engine house that I kitbashed into a small factory.   I was attempting to make it look like an old railroad building that has been repurposed.


I painted the closed end of the building to look like weathered wood.


I shortened the original building to fit into my available space.  I used the section with the walk-in door to close in the original open end. The whole buiulding is placed on a simulated concrete foundation.


A scratch built loading dock was placed at the side door.  The loading dock roof was made of left over roof from the section that was removed. The mortar joints were done using typical methods.  The weathering is ash and soot from my wood burner.


Ironically, there is no rail service to this building.



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@Dan Kenny posted:


I like this a lot

Her are some attempts to make my layout look more interesting.  A small prehistoric layout for the grandsons Dinosaur Diesel set, park benches, farm silos, storage silos. and a Scenic Overlook 2 level deck.


Joe ,scenic overlook

Thanks, my wife laughed at me when I came upstairs complaining of a sore back. I'm a retired carpenter and I told her I was building the double deck and stairs. (not because of physical work but from bending over the layout for 8 hours)

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