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The group got together to plan the next few months and long range into 2018. I usually host the February meeting and we had my 4th annual pancake breakfast.....

The menu:





Rasberry buscuits

Pumpkin squares



...and, we still goy a lot of work done....


Friends are the best part of the hobby!


...and, we started with 4 guys who liked trains in 2009.....




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Thank you, guys, for all the kind words. Being part of forming this group was the best thing I have ever done in model railroading (4 of us started the group in 2009, and now we're in the mid 20s). The OGR Forum made model railroading a social hobby. The local group made it even more social on a local level.

I must give credit where credit is due:

The guys of the group are fantastic. All of us have made both new and long-term friends.

In addition, personally, I have to credit my wonderful wife, who tolerates my addiction. She gladly whipped up rasberry biscuits and pumpkin squares for the group.....before going to work, herself, no less....

She knew exactly what she was in for before we were married nearly 33 years ago. Many of our "dates" were weekly train shows in the Philly area. She gave me a mint 1953 Lionel catalog for my 30th birthday. She gave me a 60 trolley as a wedding present.....and, on our honeymoon, she allowed me to detour to Sarasota to visit Joe Lionel Rudley's Lionel Museum (a collection that was eventually bought by Richard Kughn for CaRail).

I am a lucky man.

By the way.....I have improved my pancake the 80s, my pancakes could have been recycled as ballast for supertankers and container ships.



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Yesterday, the group visited Bickford Assisted Living where we set up our small (6x11) layout and ran trains for the residents from just after breakfast till 1PM (lunch). We had a blast sharing our love of O gauge trains with the residents. I think with brought up a lot of pleasant  childhood memories  for both men and women. We look forward to visiting similar venues in the future.


Both set up and take down with about 6-8 members takes just about 30 minutes.




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Do any of them play trains? (operate them?) Hand them a remote the next time. Set the max voltage at 12 or 14 so they can't launch a train.

There's some culture embedded in the women as the trains were always for kids or a man's thing. It's taken me a few holiday seasons to get my 83 year old aunt to try it... and she liked her husband's pw layout each year. My mother is 81 and never cared for trains, but likes to watch them now.

I'll keep complementing the club for taking the trains to the people. It puts smiles on their faces and provides some new topics for discussion. Thanks for devoting the time and effort.

Well done!

Peter, your group is fantastic....taking something we love and sharing it with others. It is obvious that the folks at the Center enjoyed the day and the display. You have given me a great idea, based on the concept of "less is more."  In the next year I'm going to explore possibilities for such a smaller, more easily transportable layout for similar outings. I'm about to to go 50% time, and I don't think I'll lack for things to do.

I've always thought life was a balance of altruism and self-interest, and you guys are putting both concepts together in one activity.

We are starting gear up for the fall season.

Many of us have been busy with planning upgrades:

1. The amusement park with be revised and an overtrack station module with be added.

2. I will get a 6' extension to my industrial area, to compensate for the increased length of the amusement park plus station. (It also means I need to build 6 more feet of industrial buildings)

3. We need to build our raffle layout. It will be 72x42. Our raffle is our main source of funding. This year we will raffle 2 sets. The 1st prize is the set of the winner's choice with the layout and the Plasticville buildings. The 2nd prize is the the other set.

I got 2 great deals on sets at York.

$115 at Charles Ro


$225 at Nassau Hobbies


The raffle layout includes some derelict Plasticville buildings that I purchase at York and rehab.


4......and lastly, we are enlarging our small venue layout with an addition to make it L shaped.

Stay tunes for our progress.




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More module building today......


Hey, look out! That's me using power tools!


Summer is great for dries in minutes.....


18' long, 6' 8" is going to hold an overhead station module and an amusement park with Coaster Dynamix rides.

At home, I am working on the 6' extension of my 12' of modules to match these.



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