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It is an 18' straight section, that is 6' deep. There is an 18'x2' (3 times 6'x2') section to be bolted on. 

The curves attach to an independent loop that will feature a commuter train the will serve the areas to be built: an amusement park, and  an overhead city with an overhead station with below the station passenger platforms. (I believe AlexM is building the station for the guys out of MTH banks).

In addition. under the city with be a subway loop.

This 18' section replaces replaces the 12' amusement park/circus we currently have.

Directly opposite is my 12' industrial section. I am increasing my section by 6' to complement it. Max Foods is one of 3 buildings to fill the 6'. The Morrison Door Company is another. I have Dennis Brennan's Oblong Box Company on order. Lastly, I have 2 Korber factory kits that I am going to combine into a large factory with an overhang over a spur.

We also need to do ballast repairs on our 8 track yard. Summer is a good time to do it.......Because, we "use" the 95 degree Virginia heat to back the glue mixture.

We have a busy time until November!

Putnam Division posted:
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Chris Lonero posted:

I wouldn't make it in your group Peter.  With Max around I'd never get anything done! 

What kind of dog, is it a mini golden doodle as I have one and they look alike.

He is a 50lb-ish golden doodle.


Love Golden Doodles. My Mini Golden Doodle (Oscar) is about 41 lb's and is white with the light brown markings. Great Dogs

I have not done any updates in over 2 months. Much of that time has been spent on wiring.....very important, but often lacking in visible changes. However, we are now entering the scenery phase.

The gang (Ben, Bob, Kevin, Ryan a different Peter) doing the station/city carnival section have been watching AlexM build there city station with great anticipation and delight. Ballasting was accomplished yesterday.

I did my ballasting yesterday, has to take advantage of Virginia's 85 degree weather in the early helps dry the glue mixture. In fact, I will share one of my secrets.......After the glue starts to set up, I place it in my SUV in the bright sunshine. It rivals my sister's old EZ Bake Oven!

My next step is to reorganize my 12' of industrial modules into 18', incorporating the 2 large factories I built this summer (one of which is called "Max Foods") and the Morrison Door Co that I bought at York in April

Here are some pics:


Hey NJ HighRailers, notice the cool hat!


These are the modules which will include the overhead city with large station and will also have 3 independent loops besides being part of the 20x42 modular layout.  One for a trolley. One for a subway. One for a passenger train.


Now I have switched from Saturday pics to Sunday the 24th and we are now in my garage......I have inserted my newly ballasted 6' section into the 12' of modules I already job is to incorporate my new buildings and finish off the scenery....



Still lots to do before Thanksgiving weekend, but progress is being made.



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Looking good, Peter.  Your regulars at this winter's displays will love seeing the changes you made. I like the use of independent loops. They add to the activity on the layout, give the people something to watch while they are waiting for the mainline trains to come around again and they don't take much operator intervention. Just set the throttle and check on it once in awhile to make sure it's still running smoothly. We have six independent loops and an automated out-and-back line at my club. results in lots of train action at our open houses. (11 trains operating at a time.) Can't wait to see your finished project. 

Yesterday at 0800, the group had a meeting to go over the nuts and bolts of the next 4 months in which have 6 venues......and about 250 hours of display time.

The meeting then broke early to continue module one might imagine, work kind of stops for the next 8 days while we all go "treasure hunting" in South Central Pennsylvania  

We are all looking forward to York!


IMG_8853IMG_8854See you all next week!



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