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cjack posted:

I have tried in the past to buy MTH parts on line and was put off by how it did not work well. But now its just super. I even made a mistake on my zip code and got a quick call from Midge to fix my mistake. 

Can't wait to order again something!

Lucky you.  I placed an order online on Aug 30, credit card was charged Aug 31, status is still "pending" whatever that means.

Guess I'll be calling Midge.......

Well it wasn't so much that they had the parts and sent them right away, it is that I got a confirming email right away and knew that my order was in process. That was the missing fast response I would have liked when I ordered last year or so. And I guess I can check on the status of my order as you did which I don't remember being able to do before.

I don't remember this time if there was a "# parts in stock" info on the website.

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