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Hello Carl !!


Looking very good !!  And yes, it likewise also reminds me somewhat of the IRT Flushing EL passing over the old LIRR Sunnyside Yards in Queens.  And I love the BRT-era Open End Platform EL Motor Car -- you and I both have that same 800 series BRT Open Platform center door EL car - done up in its original 1900 BRT Color schemes and roof poles - excellent job on that EL car, Carl.  Here is a photo of my identical class Car in my 3 car train of BRT-era cars seen on my EL.


The Green color of your EL is is very good approximate of the old green used 60 years ago. Keep up the good work !


Regards - Joe F




Images (1)
  • IMG_2078: 3 Car train of BRT EL Cars approaches local station

Hello again Carl !


Thank you for the compliments, Carl !


I'm glad I was able to help, guide you wherever I could over the many years we know each other.  I am glad to see another prolific (you) modeler still at work on your layout and new projects, and have enjoyed your photos and videos posted over the past years ! Keep up the great work !


regards - Joe F

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