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Brother_Love posted:

Finished these today but they stay here, they are mine. I really liked the A&O cab so I am2 railing Williams GE 70 ton to go with it.


Excellent, Malcolm!

Here's your caboose at Harrison, AR, December of 1956:


And here's the entire diesel roster of the A&O switching at Junction, AR:


The North Arkansas (all iterations) is one of my favorite regional lines.



Images (2)
  • Harrison-12-56w
  • AO_07
fast freight posted:

Really sharp looking Malcolm.

Great paint scheme on the A&O.

One of these days I'm going to try a Milwaukee rib side caboose.


I have one of his Milwaukee rib sides. Beautiful work.


Thanks Andre. When I found the photos of the cab and locos several months ago I knew I had to have one. The unusual paint scheme was striking to me especially for a short line. Most short lines just spray their cabs with red or brown. One of the 70 tonners is next. I found some nice photos and history of the A&O on the Frisco rail forum.

Dick, thank you. I intend to do the MILW rib sides again on of these days.

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