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Yeah, I hope so, as it will take up less space then the old QSI Magnums that used the aristo board plus a plug-in board to convert it to screw terminals.

Originally posted by jgtrh62:

is that there are three versions of the Titan for G Scale Scale. The Titan Magnum, for G/O Scales, being in a universal format, (screw terminals), and the Titan-Aristo and Titan-USA being PnP respectively.

They also have a GWire-TE compatible with Aristo's Crest system.

Right now I'll be sticking with the dual decoder install. As much as I would love to hear/see the new QSI Titan in operation every indication is that Atlas has been working with them because of quality issues. Due to the continued delays in the release of the QSI Titan I would assume we'll see more delays with Atlas loco releases?
Originally posted by railroad-guy:
From what I seen, and heard, in the Atlas forum the new Titan has the same crappy sound. But in stereo!!!! Big Grin

I can't speak to what Atlas is doing, but I just installed a new QSI Titan U (with dual high-bass speakers, one in the smokebox, one in the tender) in a 3Rd Rail SP M-9, 2-6-0 that I converted to P48. I also replaced that poor belt drive.

My first impression is SUPERB!!

The sounds are excellent, the sync is great, and the motor control top-notch. I especially like the built in doppler effects.

Each independent sound has its own balance control, and using the stereo feature, can be "spotted" along the length of the loco. When you ring the bell, that sound comes from the bell on the top of the boiler, NOT the bottom of the tender, same with the whistle, chuff, etc.

I have a couple of vids I made of the loco in motion with the Titan. I would be happy to e-share with anyone that's interested. They are large files (9 and 11Mb each), so be sure you can receive a file that large before asking.

They were made with an older digital camera, and the audio and video are NOT optimal, to help keep the file size manageable. Even then, the Titan sounds are very nice, and impressive in person.

You can contact me directly at

Matt Forsyth

Forsyth Rail Services
installation of the sound system in the engine is far more critical to good sound quality than what bits are in the decoder. having a quality speaker with a properly sized back enclosure, placed in a decent sized sound chamber that focuses sound waves out specific openings all contribute to better quality.

case in point:
I installed a Soundtraxx DSX in the fuel tanks of a pair of Weaver FA's. Each had a properly sized back enclosure, but the sound chamber is admittedly too small. Coupled with downward firing speakers, you can imagine the quality was not good. I moved weight into the fuel tanks to make room for the speaker enclosure in the body, opened up the fan grill and exhaust stack up top, but no other openings. Now the sound is far richer and of course louder with upward firing speakers. This is easier in a carbody diesel compared to a hood unit, but a similar install using another DSX in a pair of RS11's yielded very good quality with a basic decoder. Having too many openings for sound to exit is detrimental to sound quality because the sound 'leaks' everywhere.
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