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Chessiechick - go to MTH home page, click on product locator, put Tropicana in first search bar. Have patience, (not a fast search feature). Filter results: 20- prefix is Premier, scale items; 30- prefix is Railking, not to scale items. As far as other brands, check eBay for Atlas, Weaver, Lionel, maybe K-Line.

PS - since Tropicana shipped oranges, finding a boxcar might be difficult. I hope you meant reefer (refrigerated boxcar).

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As Dave C stated above Weaver has 57' Mechanical Reefers in the Tropicana scheme, in a few different colors. (White, Orange, and one other color maybe a green).

Atlas O has a good option too: removed per OGR TOS... no links to Ebay are allowed.

In my opinion the Weaver reefer are great have quite a few of those. Also, have quite a few of the Atlas O reefer too.

I was able to snag a few weathered Weaver Tropicana reefers on eBay about a year ago.

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