To the best of my knowledge Rail Works didn't do O scale PRR P54's.  But you have other 3 other brands to consider:

NJCB unpainted brass cars (detailed for unpowered or overhead powered MP variants) baggage, combine, coach.  

Sunset 3rd Rail/Golden Gate painted brass  baggage, combine, coach 

and old Walthers kit built models

Ed Rappe           PRRT&HS 421

aoslapas posted:

I remember Jan Lorenzen also making kits with resin molded sides for MP54s.



Not resin - many injected styrene sections and parts that you had to assemble to made up the sides, styrene ends, poplar roof section and some other bits.  But, after selling your soul or 1st born off, you could end up with a decent looking model....

Mine has a full interior and underbody, not included in the LWS kits.....

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These were available at the 2005 East Penn Trolley Meet, all that I know about them is what is in the photos.


East Penn 2005-010FEast Penn 2005-013F

East Penn 2005-011FEast Penn 2005-012F

Unfortunately, I did not include the vendor's name in any of the photos. They were taken to show a friend who had five of the NJCB (four MPs and one MPB) cars that more decent-looking MP-54s could be had. I do remember writing down the contact information but that paper was given to my friend. I never gave any serious thought to getting any as I do not like kits. Note that my ideas changed about ten or so years later and I was able to get four MP-54s that were unfortunately done up for Bedford Terminal: note that I have found absolutely no information about the BT.

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