Retirees, Those Soon To Be and the Hobby

yes, retirement will probably have many advantages, and then time management becomes a priority, honey do's have to be acknowledged, a real permission to purchase new trains will be in order, (no way to really hide money that's direct deposit)... So, I say, retirement has its plusses, and now, its minuses.... One can measure his wealth, by his health....Nuff sayd

Larry, I would think most of us that have been around long enough at this point have already accumulated enough and hopefully do not need much nowadays...maybe that is just me though.

By the way, I don't think I ever had a topic I started that had 200 responses, so maybe this was helpful to some.


I have really enjoyed this thread, especially since I am 5 - 6 years away from retirement myself.  The perspectives and advice from those who have already retired have been very helpful.  

As for my train pursuits, my current "layout" is an 8' long by 16" wide shelf layout.  Not much, but enough to watch my steam engines chug to and from a coal tower, through a grade crossing, and past a station.  I keep costs down because I really have no reason for any rolling stock except for a hopper car and a caboose, although I have collected a couple of passenger train consists for my dream layout to come after I retire.  But even then, my layout will be modest.   My goal is a layout I can actually complete to a reasonable degree while staying within budget and space constraints.  There is also a club about an hour away from my house.  That's too far for my current busy schedule, but a real possibility once retired.  I also hope to make it to York - a long drive from Texas!     

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