soo line sd60 w/tmcc & railsounds no sounds in either conventional or tmcc

This engine is from 1997 but only has about 2 hrs run time it was only used as conventional and always worked fine. It was placed on the track recently and  no sounds at all upon startup. it runs fine in forward & reverse and the lights are ok except the ditch lights do not work. I read that the engine features could be reset w   a tmmc controller. I did try this several times to no avail.When in tmmc mode , the engine runs forward and reverse w/ some lights working . No mars light or ditch lights. again there is no horn , bell or railsounds.  I removed the shell and could not find any wires loose so I'm thinking a ckt board, but not sure which one. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You!

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Your symptoms could mean a bunch of different things.

1) Definitely confirm that you're restoring/resetting the locomotive properly. The proper reset code should be 75.

2) Once reprogrammed, check that all lights function properly, including the strobe light and ditch lights.

3) Play with the volume control pot (it's one of the fans) a few times to be certain the volume wasn't set all the way down or there wasn't a dead spot in the control. Also, try the horn and bell functions -- does anything happen at all? If you get a horn and bell but no background sounds, there's a switch underneath for sounds that is set incorrectly.

4) If you're still not getting any sound, re-confirm that the sound is NOT working in conventional as well as TMCC modes.

Try the above and report back with what you found and/or heard.



TRW, Thanks for your response. I had tried all of your possibilities before I went on the forum; however, I redid all of your procedures and I got the same results. NO sounds at all in conventional or tmmc modes. No ditch lights in either mode. no strobe or ditch lights in tmmc mode but in conventional the strobe does works , but still no ditch lights. I have noticed that there is a slight buzz coming form the middle of the engine when going from no voltage to run voltage in the conventional mode. 

It's still difficult to diagnose, and you have symptoms of multiple boards potentially being bad in your locomotive. That's usually tough to do, which is why I had wondered if you were resetting the locomotive properly.

Strobe Light: While operating in TMCC mode, press AUX1 and then 9 on your remote. I'm hoping this turns on your strobe light in TMCC mode. If that doesn't fix the strobe, and it still works OK in conventional, there's something strange going on with your LCRU2 board. (But it really points to a programming/operations issue.)

Ditch Lights: They're controlled by the AD20 board inside, which is its sole purpose. Either the AD20 board is bad, or the LCRU2 board -- which sends the signal to it -- is bad or is incorrectly programmed. There's also a slim chance the bulbs are burned out, but I'd say the odds of that are low.

Sounds: You've tried the obvious solutions without success, which points to a bad RailSounds 2.5 board. Normally I'd say that the speaker could also be bad, but since your loco has two speakers, those probably aren't the problem. Another longshot problem could be that something catastrophic has taken out the AD20 (ditch light) board, which in turn is preventing the RailSounds 2.5 board from getting any power. (The RS board plugs into the AD20 instead of the LCRU2 as a pass-through on this loco.) Normally, I'd also have you pull and re-seat the two RS chips on the board with a proper PLCC chip extractor, but given the other problems, I don't think all the disassembly would be worth the hassle.

Given the multiple trouble spots for the symptoms you've described, I'd recommend having a tech look at your loco who is experienced with the early TMCC board architecture. If you get stuck, I can have a look at it after the holidays -- you can e-mail me at


TRW, Thank you very much for your time and effort into this problem.  I will try to find a tech that could possibly solve this problem. I am in no hurry as I do have other locomotives. The tmmc equipment that I am using is CAB1-L & base -1L I am assuming that they are compatible as the engine does run in both directions, just no sounds. Merry Christmas,  Allan

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