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Another MTH myth.....  I don't know how many bad speakers I have changed and audio amps have been fine.  Can it happen, sure never say never.  I have pulled speakers out where the magnet literally came off speaker and board was still fine.

Speakers go open and can be bad.  Several types of Star speakers in 5V and some 3V had magnets that deteriorated and distorted sounds or reduced volume.

Or audio amps can go bad unrelated to speaker.  5V run at a limit; and 3V susceptible to AC spikes from track shorts and any pinched wires.

Occasionally 3V speakers of the BF-34 type have the speaker lead to the coil too close to speaker frame and can vibrate into the frame and short.  I always check before using a new speaker.

I have only had one 3V speaker that shorted when whistle blown (I assume from vibration) and it was not a bad magnet.  I assume defective coil.

Determine speaker ohms.  16 for 5V and 4 for 3V.  You can meter the speaker lead, if open replace it.  Or just replace it and see.

Rare occasion volume pot can be bad, but if DCS use it over rides the pot.  I would do a conventional reset to see what happens.  G

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