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I ran Long Island Rail Road 64-foot Woodsided passenger car #253 behind LIRR H-10s steam locomotive #111.

A three-car set of these LIRR cars (20-62005) was delivered by MTH in 2006 at MSRP $249.95 and a single car (20-62006) was offered at $89.95. Lionel now produces woodsided passenger cars from the MTH tooling at much higher prices.

I consider these cars to be the nicest passenger car models of any that I have.




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  • MELGAR_2023_1125_341_LIRR_253_12X8_HOBOS_TET
  • MELGAR_2023_1125_342_LIRR_253_12X8_BRIDGEPORT_TET
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My wife and I go up to New Hampshire a couple times a year for the outdoor activities there.  Once there, I try to sneak away to the several yards in the area where there are many privately owned cabooses and other cars.  Several are used as vacation homes, but most just look derelict.  If you ever get up there, check out these places.



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  • New Hampshire2010 057
  • NHOct08 047
  • NHOct08 049
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  • NHOct08 057
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@CAPPilot- Wow Ron that's quite a gathering of wood sided cabooses...are they all in the one location?

So following along with lots of prior folks who posted "wooden" cabooses, here is my Lionel #1682 "wooden" caboose (actually of course its sheet metal with the wood slating part of the lithograph design).  She is from 1940 and has the box type automatic couplers.

Lionel 1682 caboose side viewLionel 1682 caboose end view

Best Wishes everyone



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  • Lionel 1682 caboose side view
  • Lionel 1682 caboose end view
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@CAPPilot- Wow Ron that's quite a gathering of wood sided cabooses...are they all in the one location?

This is just a small sample of the cabooses up there.  Two main locations, one in North Conway, and one directly across the state near Lincoln.  You can spend most of the day at the North Conway yard, plus there is an HO club layout there.

It's Tuesday, December 12, 2023, so it also must be Tail End Tuesday!

New Haven C-681 was an NE-6 caboose made by the International Car Company of Kenton, Ohio in (if I recall correctly) 1948. I also believe it was the last purchase of cabooses made by the New Haven Railroad. The model of New Haven C-681 was made by Atlas O in 2003 (item 6671). New Haven versions also were made in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2015.

Shown on my 10'-by-5' model railroad behind New Haven Alco S-2 #0617.




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  • MELGAR_2023_1204_237_NH_C681_10X5_TET
  • MELGAR_2023_1204_239_NH_C681_10X5_TET
  • MELGAR_2023_1204_241_NH_C681_10X5_JCT_TET
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Well here is an interesting car, the American Flyer #513 observation car and there is a matching #515 coach.  These cars from 1932-1935 appeared at the depth of the Great Depression and were thus a value line designed to try and sustain some level of toy train sales.  These used a highly innovative "one piece" construction in which the entire car is lithographed on a single flat piece of sheet metal and then the car is formed by folding that sheet (like origami) into this 3 dimensional shape and then adding axles and wheels.

American Flyer 513 obs car rear viewAmerican Flyer 513 obs car rear quarter view

Then for your interest and fun, following Patrick, here is the back of a truck.  This the Craigsten (Japan) fully lithographed "Pet Shop" truck from the height of Japanese lithography during the post war era, roughly the 1950's.  These were inexpensive toys but look at the depth and detail of the lithographic treatment of the dog photos.

Craigsten Pet truck 3 Craigsten Pet truck 2

Well Beat Wishes for a great T.E.T. to All!!



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  • American Flyer 513 obs car rear view
  • American Flyer 513 obs car rear quarter view
  • Craigsten Pet truck 3
  • Craigsten Pet truck 2

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